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WOO-JIN paced around the room, awaiting Chang-bin's presence. His expression wasn't like before. He wasn't the angelic, innocent Woo-jin he used to be. He was the devilish, mean Woo-jin. And all of this happened due to Felix. The door creaked open, Chang-bin stepping in. He glanced at Woo-jin, his body automatically turning around to leave. Woo-jin caught up, grabbing the male by his wrist.

"Ass," Chang-bin muttered, Woo-jin stepping closer to the male. Chang-bin turned around, full on yelling at the male in anger, "What the hell? You couldn't just tell me you were jealous? Did you really have to try and BULLY him?"

"I-" Woo-jin got interrupted by Chang-bin again, his words stinging Woo-jin.

"He's a nice kid! He doesn't deserve this!"

The two stood there, a silence hushing them. There they were. Chang-bin turned around, his face full of anger, Woo-jin still gripping his wrist, his expression guilty. He had what seemed like the tiniest crush on Chang-bin and he couldn't help to deny that him being with Felix sort of gave him a rush of jealousy. He pulled Chang-bin close, wrapping him in a tight hug. Chang-bin wrapped his arms around his waist, his face pressed against his chest. His tears went through Woo-jin's shirt, but the older male didn't care. He just wanted to comfort Chang-bin. To forgive him for what he had done to Felix. He just wanted to stay there, hugging him.

Felix passed by the music room, his body stiffening as he saw both of them in the doorway. His heart stung. He felt it ache and collapse. He... he didn't know what to feel.

Woo-jin's eyes fluttered open, his head turning up slowly for his eyes to meet Felix's. The younger male waved at Woo-jin, his smile as fake as ever. Woo-jin pulled away, Chang-bin turning around to find out what he was looking at. The three stood there, all puzzled about the situation.

But among the three, Felix was hurt the most.


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(Did you guys know Woojin liked Binnie or not?)

(If you did, I love you.)

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