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White Violin Izuku by KenkenSite
White Violin Izukuby Kenkensite
this fanfic is inspired from Vanya of the umbrella Academy. were our character izuku has a same powers (quirk) of Vanya Hargevees.
Love, Music, And Cancer | OHSHC by BUNNIM_
Love, Music, And Cancer | OHSHCby .
❝Welcome to the Host Club!❞they all said together once more. I strained a tight fake smile at them all, grabbing the double doors and slamming them shut before I could...
It was 8 pm, right after dinner... by Idontevenknow140
It was 8 pm, right after Idontevenknow140
One evening after dinner, Brett felt something happen to him... A fanfiction loosely based on Brett's illness in 2020. First time writing something like this and also n...
His swan | Huaze Lei by alexandra_ab7
His swan | Huaze Leiby Alexandra A.B.
She was bold, he was shy. She was brave, he was scared. She was confident, he was uncomfortable most of the time. "You are so cute when you blush." The girl s...
Silent Melodies II dreamnotfound by _twigleaf_
Silent Melodies II dreamnotfoundby Twig
George, a lonely boy, decides to befriend the deaf kid.
Beastars x reader (Season 1) by LightningFlamer
Beastars x reader (Season 1)by LightningFlamer
Y/n is a new student in the Cherryton Academy, and lives in a society where the instinct can get over people, she has always had to fight her instincts, but what if she...
Con Brio: Todd and Ian's story by Avdk80
Con Brio: Todd and Ian's storyby Avdk80
Hi there and welcome to another episode of Avdk80 writes Breddy! By *very* popular demand, Author-san's got your back: here is the next installment in the Andante-verse...
Allegro con fuoco by Avdk80
Allegro con fuocoby Avdk80
A/N/ Hi guys and welcome to another episode of Avdk80 writes Breddy! So, this short book (I'm guessing at most fifty chapters, just fair warning ;-)) will be the culmina...
When the Violin Sings by ad_meliora
When the Violin Singsby Maeve
[LGBTQ+ New Adult Fiction] On the evening of October 8th, violinist and college student Noel Miller is murdered in a mysterious explosion. The primary suspect? Her girl...
Crescendo by alysunsanders13
Crescendoby Alysun Sanders
When young violinist Lauren Page gets an acceptance letter to the most prestigious music school in the country, she doesn't expect to lose the spark inside of her that m...
Dibs! (Lesbian, GxG) by itsabadluckcharm
Dibs! (Lesbian, GxG)by blake
Before Jules interrupted Callie's lunch hour with a (not so subtle) "Dibs!", Callie was a quiet girl whose only priorities are good grades and better talent wi...
con bravura acceso - twoset one shots by twosetandbubbletea
con bravura acceso - twoset one twosetandbubbletea
You don't kiss your best friend on the neck and have them weak by the time it's over. It's funny like that, isn't it? You do all these things and I allow you to do so. I...
A Violinist and His Poet by Kalx__
A Violinist and His Poetby Someone
This is a story where a famous violinist goes to school and meets the love of his life, a simple poet. Scaramouche, a famous and amazingly talented violinist, attends a...
A Dream's Requiem || THE SANDMAN ✔ by hobisstan
A Dream's Requiem || THE SANDMAN ✔by 😜
In which Lord Morpheus gets to meet another powerful being from which he didn't know it belonged to the Endless, his slightly dysfunctional family. His long lost siblin...
Straight by Avdk80
Straightby Avdk80
Eddy is straight. He knows this. One hundred percent straight. Well. At least ninety five. So is all of this just one bloke doing something for another bloke? Okay, s...
Diamond's Summer GxG by Lesbilove143
Diamond's Summer GxGby Lesbilove143
Summer needs a get away, her life has changed for forever in a matter of weeks. Taking care of her sister Ana never felt like a burden, but now she doesn't know how to l...
The Shadow King's Princess (An OHSHC Fanfic) [Completed] by UnchainedHeart
The Shadow King's Princess (An Kat
Zaira Bello hasn't been to Japan for more than a week at a time in five years. Upon facing her parents death, though, a friend and business partner of her mother's offer...
Sa Chanson (His Song) by fnafzay-
Sa Chanson (His Song)by i 💟 the office au
💗my au 💗 marinettes in detention for standing up for a friend. when the teacher leaves, marinette hears beautiful violin music accompanied by a sweet piano (in this au...
"every day" by idontreadbutwrite
"every day"by idontreadbutwrite
Eddy came back from a trip with a book that changed his life. A story where Brett and Eddy are studying in Griffith, violin performance major. This is inspired by the...
Violin ≛ Seo Changbin by sterllaa
Violin ≛ Seo Changbinby I’m sad and lonely
She played so beautifully. She was beautiful too. Why was she so afraid? - Reader x Stray Kids' Changbin