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FELIX contemplated why he decided to be friends with Chang-bin. The boy clearly didn't want his friendship, and he certainly didn't want him. Felix bit his bottom lip uncontrollably, his mind swearing that blood was oozing out. Felix dabbed on his lips with his index finger, noticing there was blood.


He stood up from the lunch table, noticing he had been alone this whole time. Chang-bin had been his only source of friendship and everyone else he knew were acquaintances. Except for Ji-sung.

A male stepped into the cafeteria, his head moving side to side. He was searching for something. Felix approached the male, placing a hand on his shoulder. The other male smiled, embracing Felix in a tight hug. Felix held tightly to him, smiling. Fake smiling. His eyes gave out and tears rushed out, the drops hitting the male's shoulder. He could hear the quite sniffs and sobs of the younger one so he pulled back a bit.

"Hey, don't cry. What's wrong?" he asked, wiping the tears away from Felix's eyes with his thumbs. Felix laid his head on his shoulder, continuing to sob.

"I'm- I'm not good enough for... for him. H-he has someone b-better."

The male rubbed the back of Felix's hair, kissing his exposed cheek.

"It's fine. We can talk about it."

"No, we can't. He's better off now. With... with him." Felix looked at the male, wanting to stop his suffering from seeing Chang-bin and Woo-jin together.

"This... this guy. Do you like him?"

Felix was hesitant in his answer, shaking his head. The male shook his head, too, caressing the younger's fluffy hair.

"Then why do you care so much?"

Felix thought about it. If he didn't love Chang-bin, he wouldn't care. But he does care. Because he does love him.


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(Ooh, drama?)
(Love square?)

(In the next chapter, it'll possibly be longer. I want to find out what Chang-bin will do if he finds Ji-sung near Felix. I need drama.)

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