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"HEY kid, get up."

Felix fluttered his eyes open in a flash, his head automatically turning to the raspy voice he heard. He eyed the black-haired guy, scanning his face. It was him. Felix's heart started beating uncontrollably as he never broke his gaze from his. The guy blinked a few times, dropping Felix's bookbag which he was holding. Felix winced at the slight pain of his backpack hitting his knee. He remembered he kept some small boxes in there so it wasn't a coincidence his knee hurt. The guy sighed and turned around, walking back into the music room.


Felix got up quickly, dragging his backpack with him. He slammed open the door, closing it shut after. He let his backpack down in a corner, fidgeting with his fingers. He was nervous about this whole situation. Should he ask for his name? Should he offer him some homemade cookies he took with him?

"What do you want, kid? Leave me alone."

Crack. That was the sound Felix's heart made. His heart shattered. Even if he doesn't know his name or isn't his friend, he felt those words sink in.

Leave me alone.

Felix pouted, bowing at the guy before grabbing his backpack. He turned around, the guy continuing to stare at him. Felix told him his name, expecting a reply from him.

"I'm Felix. And you are?"

He paused for a moment. The guy looked down, positioning his hands on the piano keys. He hit a low key, then a high one, then a low one. He mumbled a name, which to Felix's luck, he caught.


Felix smiled and waved goodbye at the guy, running back to his class. He felt his heart race every time he stepped. Step, beat, step, beat.



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