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FELIX had now laid on his bed, pretending to be asleep. It was 12 in the morning and Chang-bin still insisted on staying with him. Chang-bin, whose eyes were clearly drowsy, didn't stop himself from searching for pieces all night long. This reminded him of Chan, his best friend from elementary who had permanently moved to Australia to stay with his family. He had always stayed up late at night studying for tests and practicing his songs, not even bothering about the time. All it took was some coffee and dedication. Yet, for Chang-bin, it wasn't that easy.

He glanced back at Felix, whose eyes were pried shut even if he was still awake. He grinned, not knowing the boy was awake. The male shut the laptop, placing it on the nightstand next to him. He turned around, leaning against the pillow next to Felix. His hand slowly neared his cheek, a sudden grip tugging at his wrist. He looked at Felix's hand who gripped his wrist tightly, never letting go.


The younger pushed him closer to him, Chang-bin's chest on top of his. He kept on breathing heavily and rapidly, the older male struggling to let go.

"Let go-"

His whole body had collapsed on Felix as his head laid comfortable on the crook of his neck. He had missed this feeling. The feeling of being in someone's arms, knowing you love them, and-

But he doesn't love me.

Chang-bin got off of him, packing his things. Felix woke up as if he had rested for a long time, eyeing the male.

"What's wrong?"

"Oh, um, nothing. My mom just called. She said I needed to get home quickly. Family issues."

Felix nodded, letting the male escort himself outside. He blushed as he recalled the quick moment of Chang-bin's chest on his. He felt... butterflies. But this time it was bigger and wider and they fluttered around his stomach faster. His smile that was on his face went away as he noticed something:

Had he failed on provoking Chang-bin?


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