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CHANG-BIN walked to the bus stop, his hood on. He glanced down, not wanting to face people. He kept on walking, swearing he heard Felix's voice. He looked up, his heart sinking as he saw a slight view of Felix's face displayed on the phone screen. It was Ji-sung's. They were face timing. Ji-sung smiled but Chang-bin couldn't hear what he was saying as Ji-sung had headphones on. Chang-bin turned around, walking away from the "couple". Ji-sung twisted his head to face Chang-bin, his expression saddening.

"He just left, actually," Ji-sung said, Felix's mouth pouting. "You should, um, come back soon."

"I will, I will. Some day."

"Some day? What do you mean some day?"

"There's some family issues and- I just need to fix some things."

"Fix things with Chang-bin, huh?" Ji-sung smirked, Felix chuckling.

"I want to see him, Ji-sung."

"I know you do." Felix sighed, mentioning how it was dinnertime and he had to go. Ji-sung nodded and hung up after saying bye a couple of times, sighing as he put his phone in his pocket. Chang-bin had obviously been out of view, which angered him, knowing Chang-bin caused Felix's sadness. He speed walked to where Chang-bin had walked, expecting to find the male leaning on a wall near him. To his luck, he was definitely leaning on a wall.


"Go away."

"It's important."

"I don't care." Chang-bin stopped leaning on the wall, walking away from Ji-sung.

"Felix needs you! I don't want to see him suffer and I know you don't either! Even if you can't admit it, you love him! I know you do! Please, you need to help him!" Ji-sung yelled, Chang-bin's breath hitching as he concealed his tears. He turned around, facing Ji-sung. Luckily, not many people were around, so he had the ability to yell anything he wanted.

"I don't love him and I don't need to help him. You need to help him, because you love him."

Ji-sung got closer to Chang-bin, a foot away from him. "You're a bad liar."


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