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The Rouge Violinist (Kousei x Female Reader) by ParamelAtHeart
The Rouge Violinist (Kousei x Paramel
A year after Kaori's death, the trio are still trying their best to move on. But after one special trip to Towa hall, they are united with a group of interesting musicia...
Sweet Melodies (Kousei Arima X Reader) by SakuraDreamer
Sweet Melodies (Kousei Arima X SakuraDreamer
After Kaori's heartbreaking death, Kousei didn't know what to do anymore. One day Tsubaki introduces him to a girl who plays the piano just like him, and ends up falling...
Kousei X Reader by KawaiiKittyKat1
Kousei X Readerby KawaiiKittyKat1
When you met Kousei, he loved another girl, her name was Kaori, she was a violinist, and he was a pianist. You were a pianist too, and the idiot you were, you fell for h...
Anime X Reader by HiIVer1010
Anime X Readerby HiIVer1010
Anime X Reader is a book of one shots. An occasional Random x Reader. Story complete
Anime Pick Up Lines Book II by choba_tea
Anime Pick Up Lines Book IIby チ ェ ル シ ー
ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ ♪|| ~My second book of anime Pick Up Lines (I already reached the chapter limit on my 1st book of anime pick up lines) **PLEASE CHECK OUT BOOK 1 **BOOK 3 IS OUT...
Our Symphony -Your Lie in April- by PandaDawgBE
Our Symphony -Your Lie in April-by stan todoroki
An AU where Kaori's surgery becomes a success and she lives. - Maybe she didn't have to go. Maybe the ending they deserved did happen. And although the letter Kousei was...
Secrets Of Spring  | Shigatsu Wa Kimi No Uso ;; Watari Ryota | by cheldd
Secrets Of Spring | Shigatsu Wa rach
"Everyone has a story behind a smile. Mine is made up of secrets and suffering.." The day her father died in a tragic car crash, everything changed for Akiyam...
Hold Me (Kousei x Tsubaki) by -kenya
Hold Me (Kousei x Tsubaki)by Weirdo.
You know how Tsubaki has these secret feelings for Kousei? Well, he knows how she feels now. The usual love triangle was Tsubaki loves Kousei and Kousei loves Kaori. Wel...
Sweet Melodies 2 (Kousei Arima X Reader) by SakuraDreamer
Sweet Melodies 2 (Kousei Arima X SakuraDreamer
The sequel to the original Sweet Melodies, having over 30k reads! ______________________________________________________ (L/n) (F/n) has lost her memories from a brain i...
Anime x Reader Lemons {requests open!} by softflowergirl
Anime x Reader Lemons {requests Chloe
just a compilation of some reader x anime characters smut
✔ Kaori is back?! [A Your Lie in April Fanfiction] (Under Editing) by UnknownWriter1308
✔ Kaori is back?! [A Your Lie in TripleU
《COMPLETED AND CURRENTLY UNDER EDITING》 A life without Kaori is something I can't imagine. After her death, things just got harder for me. I remember her smile, her laug...
Your Lie in April || Various!Haikyuu by isabelmicaela20
Your Lie in April || Various! Yumi
I can't let go of the memories that easily; both of you and the piano I played dearly. F!reader insert x Haikyuu Highest rankings per category: #1 shigatsuwakiminouso #...
Melody {Draco Malfoy} by kbbsc_
Melody {Draco Malfoy}by K.C.
Melody Corde is musical prodigy. Her talent was playing the violin like no one else could. With her died while Melody was still young, but the women taught her daughter...
Kousei x reader (your lie in April) by Mimi7330
Kousei x reader (your lie in April)by Mimi
See what happens along this plot line when you meet kousei I have good ideas -smirk- Anyway this is my first x reader and I think it may do quite well? Anyway I hope yo...
Your Guardian Angel (Your Lie in April/Shigatsu Wa Kimi No Uso Fanfiction) by rdcastillo24
Your Guardian Angel (Your Lie in RD Castillo
When Arima Kousei thought that he had already lost the girl he does love after his performance in East Japan Music Competition, he received a call that Miyazono Kaori ac...
Your lie in May  by alyssa_nering
Your lie in May by alyssanering
A fan fiction story of "your lie in April" of when Tsubaki likes Kousei and he catches on. Guaranteed: 1: I'm not gonna leave you crying like the anime serie...
your lie in April: aftermath by halffoxhalfhuman
your lie in April: aftermathby Toaster_Bathbomb
What happened To Arima after Kaori died, read this to find out.
My Truth In June (Your Lie In April Sequel) [Kousei X Kaori♡] by Likeable_Oddball314
My Truth In June (Your Lie In Power GPA.
I watched "Your Lie in April" I am not ashamed to admit... I CRIED at the ending T-T Even though I cannot removed the pain, of the moment you realized Kaor...
Your Lie in April: New Lies (Your lie in April fanfic) by C00kieMaster
Your Lie in April: New Lies ( C00KieMaster
The first girl Kousei ever loved has left this world sooner than he was emotionally prepared for. But despite her absence Kaori lives on in his heart, the only boy that...