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Anime Pick Up Lines Book II by choba_tea
Anime Pick Up Lines Book IIby チェルシー
ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ ♪|| ~My second book of anime Pick Up Lines (I already reached the chapter limit on my 1st book of anime pick up lines) **PLEASE CHECK OUT BOOK 1 **BOOK 3 IS OUT...
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Your Guardian Angel (Your Lie in April/Shigatsu Wa Kimi No Uso Fanfiction) by rdcastillo24
Your Guardian Angel (Your Lie in Gryffindor Girl
When Arima Kousei thought that he had already lost the girl he does love after his performance in East Japan Music Competition, he received a call that Miyazono Kaori ac...
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Anime X Reader by HiIVer
Anime X Readerby HiIVer
Anime X Reader is a book of one shots. An occasional Random x Reader. Requests are open
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The Collection of Oneshots by MineSimmer_260
The Collection of Oneshotsby MineSimmer
[Also on my Quotev] Welcome! This is a book filled with various one-shots with the following: ~Avatar: The Last Airbender ~Blue Exorcist ~Crush ...
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A 2nd Chance In September | Kousei x Kaori + Sequel FF by AliciaPinkyDollsFFx
A 2nd Chance In September | AliciaPinkyDolls FFx
Highest Rank: #303 in Fan fiction|| The young Prodigy 'Arima Kousei' has finally recovered after the worst tragedy of his life happened to him; the day he lost his Belov...
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Your Lie in April Alternate Ending by MolMcN
Your Lie in April Alternate Endingby MolMcN
Raise your hand if you cried your eyes out during 'Your Lie in April' I know I sure did! This is how I wish the series would have ended.
The Rouge Violinist (Kousei x Female Reader) by ParamelAtHeart
The Rouge Violinist (Kousei x Paramel
A year after Kaori's death, the trio are still trying their best to move on. But after one special trip to Towa hall, they are united with a group of interesting musicia...
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Your Lie In April Quotes by Winsterry
Your Lie In April Quotesby •Winsterry•
Quotes from, "Your Lie In April."
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Our Symphony -Your Lie in April- by PandaDawgBE
Our Symphony -Your Lie in April-by Legend of THICC
An AU where Kaori's surgery becomes a success and she lives. - Maybe she didn't have to go. Maybe the ending they deserved did happen. And although the letter Kousei was...
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My Lie In July (Ouran High School Host Club/ Your Lie in April crossover) by FlowerFiction1994
My Lie In July (Ouran High FlowerFiction1994
Kosei Arima wasn't sure of his plans for high school. He wanted to be able to go to a high ranking music school, but the though of leaving his best friends Tsubaki Sawab...
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The Tears of Spring (Your Lie In April/Shigatsu wa Kimi no Uso AU) by 1person7_6
The Tears of Spring (Your Lie In MEiYi
Kaorin Miyazono is the ever-exuberant pianist who facades a narcissist. He has a weird sense of humor, is an optimist, and has a profound interest in the famous violinis...
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Your Lie in April:  Kaori's Letter by choba_tea
Your Lie in April: Kaori's Letterby チェルシー
ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ ♪|| ~Kaori's letter to Kousei 💌♪ from anime: Your Lie in April ❀ 四月は君の嘘 ❀
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The Royal Princess (Shigatsu Wa Kimi No Uso/ Your Lie In April Fanfiction) by rdcastillo24
The Royal Princess (Shigatsu Wa Gryffindor Girl
As payment for his father's debts, Arima Kousei was given as a servant to the Tachibanas, the family that rules over the Koryuu Islands, a secluded group of islands. The...
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The Fault In Our Symphony  by JustMonikaClub
The Fault In Our Symphony by LilluvieDreamer
Kaori Miyazono survived her surgery. When she graduates high school she leaves for America and returns 4 years later. With a whole different look on Kousei, not seeing h...
Perfect Sound by VeggieNuggs
Perfect Soundby bakukoblin
Kousei Arima went to a prestigious music school, the same one as you in fact! You envy him because he didn't have to move to come to the school (he didn't go to the scho...
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Anime Quotes by Natsuki_Naomi
Anime Quotesby Yuzu Nikaidou
Welcome to my Quote Book! This contains quote that can inspire you everyday. The pictures or the quotes doesn't belong to me. I just want to share this to all of you. ...
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Glassy Sky (Your Lie In April/ Tokyo Ghoul Fanfiction) by rdcastillo24
Glassy Sky (Your Lie In April/ Gryffindor Girl
Arima Kousei discovers that he is a natural- born ghoul at the time he thought Kaori was already dead. His father's a member of the Washuu Clan who hated being a CCG off...
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Shigatsu wa Kimi no Uso (Your Lie in April): Nagi by TimothyWii
Shigatsu wa Kimi no Uso (Your TimothyWii
It's been 10 years since the death of Kaori, and 2 years since Kousei retired from playing in competitions and passed his legacy to his protégé, Nagi Aiza, who starts en...
When I'm With You (Kousei X Kaori Fanfic)  by ThisIsMeRynelAblaza
When I'm With You (Kousei X Rynel-Ablaza
Kousei Arima is a silent type person,yet he's a famous piano prodigy in their class. Later on, he met Kaori Miyazono, his adoring fan. One time, they became classmates a...
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So Our Story Begins A Your Lie In April Fanfiction by JustMonikaClub
So Our Story Begins A Your Lie LilluvieDreamer
Kaori Miyazono survived her surgery and goes on tour with Kousei. But what does Kousei really think about Kaori?
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