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CHANG-BIN knocked on the door of Felix's home, waiting for the younger to open. He wanted to apologize for everything. He wanted Felix to know what Woo-jin was going to do and that they weren't a thing. He wanted to fix things. The door opened, a female head peeking out.

"Who the hell are you?" the female said, eyeing the male up and down. "We don't accept visitors, go away."

Chang-bin gave her a deadly glare, mentioning that he was Felix's friend.

"Sorry, he doesn't feel in the mood to get laid. Now go away."

"I don't want to have s-se- that with him. We're performing in the school's performance, so I need to practice with him."

The female, who Chang-bin had already assumed to be his sister, groaned, shutting the door. Chang-bin placed his foot in between, stopping her from closing it completely.

"Move your foot! He. Doesn't. Want. To. Have. Sex. With. You."

"Who even are you to stop me?"

"His girlfriend."

"What the hell?"

"Yeah. Now scram."

"But he's g- you never hang out with him."

"That's... that's a good point. Ugh, just go inside. I can't deal with your emo ass."

The female let him in, Chang-bin's face clearly red after denying the fact that he didn't want to have sex with Felix. He blushed even more just thinking about it, his face looking like a hot Cheeto. He went upstairs to the male's room, a bit hesitant to open the door. He gripped the doorknob turning it, and to his surprise he saw...


"Felix, Ji-sung's here!" Felix's sister screamed, the tired male lazily rushing down the stairs. He greeted Ji-sung in, the male patting his head.

"Did you get any sleep?"

"I took a nap for 2 minutes. I definitely got sleep." Ji-sung chuckled at his sarcasm, leading him to his room. He closed the door behind him, throwing the male on the bed forcefully. The younger male sighed, not even noticing what was happening before him. He closed his eyes, already too tired to care about Ji-sung. The older male on the other hand, pinned him down on the bed, his bangs falling on Felix's forehead.


Felix opened one of his eyes wearily, both eyes flashing open as he noticed the situation they were in. Felix stayed there, frozen in place as his wrists were pinned.

"Get- get off me, Ji-sung.." Felix said, looking to the side, attempting to hide his blush.

"Why should I?"

"Because I'm older."

The older male laughed, pinning him down even harder.

"I'm older than you."

"By 1 day." Felix looked at Ji-sung, sticking out his tongue. Ji-sung kissed Felix's nose, the younger blushing even more this time. He kissed his forehead, trailing down to his lips. He stayed there, staring at Felix's lips.

"You know-"

"Are you drunk?"


"Are you drunk?"

"No, of course not."

"Really? You're acting like you got high on weed and suddenly want to kiss me."

"So? Maybe I'm curious to see what it's like to kiss a guy."

"Females weren't enough for you?"


Ji-sung got closer, both males on the brink of actually kissing on the lips. Ji-sung tilted his head, going down. And that's when Felix heard a click.


Chang-bin stood in awe, wondering if he had come at the right moment. He stared at both males, Ji-sung not even caring if the door was open. He looked at Ji-sung then at Felix and repeated. He bowed quickly, closing the door behind him. Chang-bin blinked a few times, trying to process the scene he just saw. Was Felix going to have-


Chang-bin turned around, noticing Felix was right in front of him, the male behind him.

"You know him?" Ji-sung asked, glaring at Chang-bin with deadly eyes. Felix nodded, Ji-sung groaning. He stepped closer to Chang-bin, the male continuing to stare at Felix. Chang-bin bowed again, rushing down the stairs.

"Wait!" a female voice yelled, Chang-bin turning towards the voice. His sister went near him, giving him a Snickers bar. "You're not like yourself, kiddo. Eat a Snickers bar."

Chang-bin smiled, gripping the bar tightly in his hands. Felix followed him out, begging for him to listen to him.

"He wasn't doing anything! He was just..."

"Kissing you? Yeah, I know."


"Look, it's fine. I'm not in love with you so I could care less if you dated him or not. Heck, I wouldn't even care if you two had sex."


"Bye, Lix."

"Is that my nickname? It's nice-"



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(I don't know how to feel about this chapter.)
(I like the Jilix, but I love the Changlix more.)
(Shall I include Hyunlix?)
(This reminds me of those animes were there's like one girl and ten other guys are in love with her.)
(Felix is that girl.)

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