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FELIX trailed his fingers down the smooth texture of his violin, pouting as he remember yesterday. As much as he wanted to apologize, he still wanted to tell Chang-bin that he deserved this. After all, they were even. Felix started gathering what he needed to play the violin, placing it under his chin. He started to play a piece, closing his eyes.

'Hold Me Tight'.

The door creaked open, Chang-bin's head peeking inside. He stepped in, silently closing the door behind him. Felix knew he was here. He didn't want to face him. For now, all he wanted to do was play the violin. He wanted to calm himself.

"It sounds nice," Chang-bin muttered, Felix immediately stopping. "Don't stop. Keep on."

"I can't." Felix stood up, putting his violin somewhere safe. He put his backpack on, heading for the door. Chang-bin grabbed his wrist, Felix looking back at him. "What do you want?"

"Can we talk?"

"I don't want to talk."

"Why not?"

"Because... because so much has happened, and I'm just- I'm just tired."

"Is it because of me and Woo-jin? We're not a thing."

"I know that."

"Then why are you so mad?"

"I'm leaving to Australia, Chang-bin. Tomorrow. I won't be seeing you." Both males froze, Chang-bin still gripping Felix's wrist. It slid off slowly, his hand falling beside his lap.

"You didn't tell me? You didn't even bother?"

"You were hugging him! I couldn't tell you!"

"What about the performance?"

"I won't go with you."


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(Hello, tears.)

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