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IT had been 2 weeks since Felix hadn't seen Chang-bin. The performance was due in a week, and they barely had anything to play. Felix rested his head on the tree, sighing as he remembered his memories with Chang-bin. The first day he met him. He was searching for his classroom and stumbled upon his playing. Felix bit his bottom lip, trying his best not to cry. He remembered hugging him for the first time. He smelled like cherries, Felix's favorite fruit. He wanted to hug him. He wanted to smell his cherry fragrance. He just wanted Chang-bin to be here with him.

"Hey, kiddo. You okay?" Felix's sister said, leaning on the tree next to him. Felix nodded, relieving himself from his tense state. He sighed again, the tears going back. "You know, I like that guy. That emo guy who visited you. He looks... cool, I guess."

Felix smiled, knowing Chang-bin's personality wasn't that cool. He was really soft and adorable, nothing like the cool and chill Chang-bin. But then again, only Felix knew the real side of him. The side that doesn't care about others. The side that allows him to be himself.

"Yeah. He's really cool."

Felix's sister nodded, turning her head to him, "Did anything happen between you guys? You've been feeling down lately, and I swear on my mom's cooking that it had something to do wit him."

"No, we just... we didn't... we just had an argument. It was nothing serious."

"Drama feels?" his sister said, Felix chuckling. He bumped her on the arm softly, shaking his head.

"Drama feels."

They both laughed, enjoying the shade the tree gave them from the burning sun. Felix started playing a song in his head, thinking about Chang-bin at the same time.



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(Great, they know the same song.)
(Will they end up performing at the performance?)
(And, the last question, will they perform 'Euphoria'?)

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