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FELIX looked about the music room, the rays of sunlight gracing the piano that stayed in the middle of the room. Felix wondered what it felt like to play the piano. He sat down on the bench, dragging it forward to be more comfortable. His hands lingered on the keys, his middle finger touching a high key. The high noise somewhat hurt his ears, his hands recoiling from the keys. The sound kept its place inside Felix's ear, the boy sighing as he hoped it would go away. The door slammed open, an unfamiliar male entering. He closed the door behind him, glaring at Felix.

"Who might you be?" he said. His voice was angelic. Heck, it was beyond angelic. It was calming and soothing, almost unbelievable.

"I'm F-Felix. I'm uh... one of Chang-bin's f-friends," he stuttered, scratching the nape of his neck. He looked down at his red Converse sneakers, biting his lip.

"Ah, what a surprise. I'm Woo-jin, it's nice to meet you."

Felix looked up, quickly getting up from the bench and bowing. The older chuckled at his shyness, sitting down on the bench next to the boy.

"How'd you become Chang-bin's friend? He usually isn't that open to people."

Felix tilted his head. Popular people were usually extroverts, but judging from Chang-bin's aura and appearance, he did seem like an introvert.

"I... I visit him. In this room. One day, I was sitting in that corner over there and I told him that we should be friends. He said nothing at first but he approved of it later."

The older male nodded, looking at the closet full of instruments. The left side hung open while the right side was slightly open.

"Interesting. How 'bout we become friends?" the male offered, Felix shocked at the sudden offer.

"I- sure!"

Woo-jin smirked, leaning his head back on the piano. He had a plan. And that plan wasn't a good one.


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(Sneaky Woojin.)

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