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IT was the second day before the school's performance and Felix was nowhere to be seen. He had to perform with Chang-bin, but it seemed like Chang-bin would end up doing a solo, which is not what the teacher intended. Chang-bin sighed as he sat on the stage's stairs, his head hanging down. He started mumbling the lyrics to 'My Side', his soft mumbles echoing throughout the empty auditorium.

🎶 "I hope you'll hear the lyrics of this song."
🎶 "The lyrics for you won't flow away and will be there for you..."

Chang-bin teared up a slight bit, a tear dropping on his jeans. He was shocked. He hadn't cried in years since he was 4, but that was because he saw a mosquito come towards him. More tears came out, his jeans soaked. He covered his eyes, wanting to be alone forever. He knew that meeting Felix was a mistake. A mistake for him. He didn't want to ruin Felix's heart. He didn't care if Felix hurt his heart even more because he loved him. He actually loved him. And he wanted to admit it.

But how?

"You need to put more passion in it."

Chang-bin looked up in an instant, thinking the voice belonged to Felix. It was Woo-jin. Chang-bin looked down, knowing that he had missed Felix too much. Everyone he talked to sounded like Felix, which hurt him even more. He missed him. Woo-jin sat next to him, sighing.

"I won't bother you anymore." He looked at Chang-bin, pouting. "I... I have a boyfriend now."

Chang-bin's face was red and he still sniffed but he managed to look at Woo-jin in the eyes.

"Good for you. Who's the lucky guy?" he said with no emotion, sniffing after.


Chang-bin gasped quietly, covering his eyes again with his palms. He cried even more, Woo-jin leaning closer to hug him. He didn't like seeing Chang-bin cry as he still had tiny feelings for him. He was on the verge of crying, too, just hearing his sobs.

"I want him back," Chang-bin muffled. Woo-jin nodded, sighing after.

"What are you going to do for the performance?"

"I... I'll just do a solo."

"What if Felix came back though?"

"Then I'd be the happiest person ever."


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