Chapter Thirty Five

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Chapter Thirty Five.

As I walk backwards into the hall it's empty.No one stands but me.The light flicker uncontrollably and then,someone is there.Through the hoodie I smell a scent I have never smelled before,so I know that it isn't Fredrick.She's wearing a red hoodie and I could see her blonde hair sticking out at the ends.Her hands covered in blood and her lips too.She looks up to me and she smiles

"Oh what big claws you have"She says softly and she rushes over to me.she's about the same height as me she's more built.She jumps as her tries to attack me but I grab her ankle and pull her down,when she falls she swipes her feet under me

And we begin to dance.


Oh my god.

After Lily explained everything I sat down in shock.

"She's scared Clifford.She might not show it,but she is."

"I know"I say,because I know what fear looks like and I've seen how it eats people from the inside out.I let fear rule my life but Hazel,was never afraid to me.She was always open and honest even though she never saw it from my perspective.If she was afraid of anything it was me,the result of me,which was love.Hazel was scared out if her mind and after losing Wilson

I cannot fathom how she is feeling.Which is why she needs us.She may be an omega but she is also a warrior and warriors fight together.I stand up and I stare at Lily

"I'm not leaving her"


As the girl begins to win the dance I hold my stance

But then she slices me right through


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