Twenty Six

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Chapter Twenty Five.

When I walked downstairs,I planned to make breakfast.The normal thing for me to do,but when I got downstairs I saw the food.Plates upon plates.Pancakes, waffles,omelets.I stared around to find anyone responsible for this,but no one was around.

How in the world is there a load of food that no one is here to eat,no one to take credit food,something amazing with no chef.Suddenly I hear a loud noise

"Happy Birthday"Everyone screamed.My fist drew back and it went swinging for the closest target.Luckily that target had to be Clifford,and he caught my fist.Honestly that scared me.He caught my fist,something that was pretty strange and no one else could do despite his alpha ranking.His thumb rubbed the side of my palms and I went to pull it back,but his hand slid up my fist as to my wrist.His hand hugged my wrist and he began tugging my forward,and my fist relaxed.He sat me down by all the food.

"How did you even know?"I whispered to him.I was shocked that they even set things up,today was definitely not the day to be celebrating my birth,most importantly because today is not my birthday,but as Hazel Griffith,it is.


"I need a muzzle for that kid."

"I'm right here kiddo."I heard his voice and I turned around and saw no one

"Down here"He said.I stared down and he was in a wheelchair

"You aren't suppose to be out of bed already."

"I'll be fine.It hurts abit but I couldn't miss this."

"Happy eighteenth birthday"Little Thomas said,Samantha also chimed in and everyone did,my old pupils,everyone who I took care of said happy eighteenth birthday,and this is what makes me hate birthdays,I feel like I am lying to them,because today is my nineteenth birthday,not my eighteenth.And my birthday was in my birthday was in April. when I moved I made sure to change my name and my birthday too.It seems kinda useless now,but at the time it was the best idea,kinda like the snuggie.

"Thank you."I smiled.

"Now spend the day with...Ow"

"Why did you kick Wilson"

"He's in a wheelchair"

I connected out minds.

'Stay quiet about the mate situation'

'I thought you two were finally good'

'How do you know that'

'The walls have ears,and I could see it on your face'

'Just not today'I thought.Clifford was keeping his space throughout the breakfast.Wilson and I were not holding anything back when it came to scarfing down every crumb on our plate,it took me awhile to notice Clifford as wild as us.Occasionally his arm would freeze mine,and currents went sizzling through my veins.He would steal a couple glances,and at one point He wiped some food from my lip.

He moved in and I got scared.My initial thought was that people couldn't know but did they know already?I turned my heard from his kiss and looked at everyone else who seemed focused on their food.Clifford's fingers tickled along my jaw turning my face back to his.His finger grazed against my lips leaving a trace of tingles.I bit my lip and he held my face in place.I wanted to move,but I needed to stay.His face came closer to mine mine and the clattering and little conversations of everyone seemed to fade out,it was only us,

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