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Chapter 2

Three weeks later.

I slammed the door behind me as loud as I could.I was pacing back feeling the anger boiling in my head and the pain that stabbed my heart.The more I breathed the more it hurt.The pain was like little stabs to my heart and the breaths came slow and painful.I heard the door bust open and Riley came in and ran towards me.She stepped into front of me and pressed her lips against mine,I felt nothing.The sparks that had filled my lips had been replaced with the infidelity towards me.I pushed her back and out of the room.

"Hazel,Open up now"She commanded

"No leave"I said.Tears interrupted my stare and I felt unable to do anything but cry.I looked to the window my only escaped.

"We need to talk about this"She said.

"I don't want to talk"I said.I have had the last of it.

"I'll break down this door"She threatened.I knew she would but i'd already be gone.I turned around and yanked my jacket from my closet

"Go ahead,bitch"I said.I ran to the window and jumped out.My feet hit the ground and I could hear her stomps Down the stairs.I ran into the woods.My feet moving so fast I couldn't even register what was going on.

"Hazel!"I heard riley's voice.I kept running.I wasn't running away to rid myself from her,it was to think.And the more I thought the worse things got.I left someone tackle me to the ground

"Get off me"I spat once I realized it was riley straddling me.she looked down on me,like the beauty she was,her hair falling,hitting the ground and the sides on my face.I wrinkled underneath her hold and realised,that she was getting stronger,but never as strong as me.

"Hazel listen to me please-"

"Get off me!"I yelled

"I'm sorry"She screamed.Her tears fell from her cheeks and hit my cheeks.Her eyes,those beautiful eyes that I fell deeply and madly in love with, vanished.It was nothing but hollow green orbs that poured tears on my cheeks.That poisoned my heart with infected blood

"It's over"I said.Her face fell and I heard a sob slip from her lips

"Hazel please let me explain."She said.She pushed up off me,she pushed back her hair and and looked at me

"It wasn't me who started it."She said

"You didn't fight it.There is no proper explanation where you come out as the victim.Riley, I love you.I gave up my family,and my title,for you.I gave everything up trying to make you understand,even though we aren't accepted in our society we still could have been together."The tears had spilled now

"I was beat by my father when I told him about us. My brother hasn't spoken a word since,I have not seen them in four years.Dammit Riley,I want to kill you right now."

"Hazel, I love you too.We can make this work."

"No,we can't we haven't stopped bickering since we found our mates"

"So what are you saying,Hazel"

"We're done. There is no way in hell,I would allow to play with emotions and disrespect me.As future second command of this pack,we're done."I said.Every word I said broke both of our hearts,but it was the truth.No one would take me serious as second command,and I can't have this pack be broken by it's own members.

"Please don't this"She said.Her hand was covering her mouth.She walked towards me and held my hands

"I'm Sorry,we can run away.We can leave the pack everyone,no one would judge us anymore.I am willing to do everything,to make this right"

"You can't make it right."I said.If I ran away with her I would only be taking the problems with me,I have a responsibility to this pack.

"I'm not going to lose you"She said

"Go"I said.


"Be with her.Because I can't work,knowing you're here.I want to see past all of this,but I can't."I said.She ran up to me and hugged me.

"Please,I don't want to go."She said.I saw where this conversation was going,it was going to roll on for a good hour,and I don't want my heart being broken.


It felt like weeks had passed and every mintue felt like a thousand.I have been trying to get back into my natural state,but it was hard

She wasn't there,

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