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Chapter Six

One Week.

All it took was one week for me to flip out on Clifford

"What's your problem"I shouted

"My problem.You seem to Think you're so damn invincible.Well you're not.Its my job as a mate and an alpha to take care of you,and I know you can take care of yourself,but somethings you can't handle yourself"

"I don't want to be Luna"I said.

"I know you don't"He shouted.

"I'm trying to make this as easy for you,but you're so damn stubborn"

"I am stubborn"

Silence fell in the room.Something we both knew all too well.

"I'm trying to find a common ground and all your doing is walking away."

"You're not trying"He said

"I don't want to try"

"Okay"He said.He ran his fingers through his hair and paced back and forth.Clifford wasn't one to get mad,but I was afraid I was about to see him blow a fuse.The phone rang abruptly and He picked up the phone quickly

"What!"He said through clutched teeth.His expression relaxed.He stared at me for a second then back at the phone hook.

"Hey Aiden"He said.His shoulders slouched and his tone relaxed.

Who the hell is Aiden?

Clifford laughed on the phone and it was the first time I heard him laugh.I mean I had heard chuckles,but this was a full on laugh.Then all of a sudden,his face flattened.

"You're here"He said.He looked at me and back at the hook.

"I'll be out soon"He said.When he hung up he put the phone on the table rather than the hook.I walked to the table and fixed it.He looked at me and I could feel his anger towards me,but he was right.I wasn't trying,there was no use.I still had yet to tell him I was gay.

When he reached the door he turned back to me and held out his hand

"Come on"he said.

"I'm not going"

"Yes you are.I don't ask anything of you.I at least expect you to come meet one of my best friends"He said.I walked toward him and took his hand.

"Aiden,thats his name."

"Yeah.He's Dylan's brother in law."

"So he's related to Aubrey"I said.

"Yeah,they're twins"He said.

"Wow.Are they identical"I asked


"So what's his ranking"

"Beta,he took my place after I left"He said.When we reached the door.He looked at me

"Aiden is pretty straight forward.....just warning you"He said.He opened the door and stood a moderately tall guy with brown hair and golden eyes.He was wearing black T shirt and some cargo shorts.He was very pale,which was a sign he was from rain falls.His eyes were rimmed with purple and red.His eyes flashed from him to me.His eyes went back to Clifford

"Who is this?"He asked casually

"I'm Hazel,and You're Aiden"

"That's for the reminder"He said with a weak smile.

"Anytime"I said.I held out my hand

"Nice to meet you"I said.He grabbed my hand and shook it firmly,a good handshake is a good sign,but even though it was assertive it lacked feeling and was more of a motion than a movement.

"Clifford can I talk to you outside"He asked.I had a feeling they were going to ask from Clifford back,and I silently hoped that they would.So Fredrick could re-obtain the role as alpha,but that was a selfish dream.

"Sure"He said.He walked out of the door and I was left alone.I began thinking on ways to annoy or persuade Clifford to ease off my back,he said that he wasn't possessive like most Alphas are but lately his words are a broken promise.The thought of rejecting him came to my mind,but being mates doesn't always have to be together like that.We could be best friends.I could help him pick up chicks and stuff and then he could help me.God why does that sound so wrong.It didn't have to always be love.I've never heard about mates that decided to become friends rather that husband and wife,but I could be the first.

I now sat on the bottom of the stairs with my thoughts to rip my flesh apart.When I heard the click of the door I saw Clifford,his eyes were dark and turned away.I noticed Aiden stood behind him and the darkness castes their faces in a way theta I was terrified with the question of my life.I stared at them attempting not to scream or freak out.Clifford walked passed me and as he did the image of a cynical sadist faded from my memory and I saw someone who was honestly annoyed and angry.I looked back at Aiden who look liked he was ready to die,let his knees fall down and just die.I walked up to him and looked at him.I didn't know why at the time,but I wrapped my arms around him and gave him a hug.

This would be the part where I said it was okay,but it wasn't.He didn't cry he just wrapped his arms around me and I felt like I belong here consoling people and tending to their unrequited feelings.

I heard the creek of the wooden floors and turned around to find Clifford stepping down the stairs,I hoped that he wouldn't het angry with me,and that we wouldn't have to argue once again,but he didnt.He walked passed me with one bag in his hand.

"Clifford"I called.He dared not to make eye contact with me.I was tempted to ask what was wrong.He walked out the door and Aiden followed his interest had finally peaked and I needed answer,and who had answers usually

"Wilson"I called running up the stairs

"Sorry kiddo,can't be there"

"Why,where are you?"I asked.

"With the Alpha,he is going out of town and taking me with him."

"Are you kidding me?"I said.

"No not really"

"I'm going to kill him when he gets back"

"Okay,gotta go,later"He said and he was gone.I threw my hands upon frustration.

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