Chapter Thrity Two (Unedited)

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"Ease it up kid"Wilson said trying to hold me down

"Why is she there?"

"She'll be fine.Fredrick go get Rick for me"Wilson said.Fredrick calmly walked out of the room

"Why did you let her go over there?Why were we fighting?Why aren't you going to help her?"

"She needed to deal with personal business with Daniel,she needed more answers and she needed to know why we were fighting.For all we know they could have provoked it once we trespassed."

"I need to go"I said.Wilson held me down

"No you don't stay here.Heal"He ordered.I wanted to kill him slap him

"Stop being a love sick puppy.She can take care of herself"

"It's not that."


"Something isn't right Wilson.Everything seems wrong."

"Just heal and we can go get Hazel"

"Where's Rick"I asked.He could make me heal faster.I know he could

"Fredrick went to go get him"


"That's not possible"I said.Daniel looked up at me

"Are you ready to here the full story?"He asked.I stared at my hands in shock.I couldn't breathe.If Daniel was suggesting what I think he was suggesting that means Fredrick's responsible for Clifford's pain,my mothers death.

"There has to be something wrong"

"I'm sorry,Eva."He said.

"How?"I said.

"It all started with a promise"


Wilson had left the room to go find Rick.I attempted to stumble out of bed.I remember Hazel telling me to shift into my human form,and to be honest it was kinda awkward that she hauled my naked body all the way back to the pack.Just imagining

I shivered in my own skin.I reached for some jeans and a t-shirt and then put them on.I had a little trouble walking,and I knew if I starting talking whilst walking.I would be tossing cookies all over the hall.I stumbled downstairs to find Fredrick.He stood beside the lit fireplace and was tossing papers into the fire

"Fredrick,Where's Rick"I asked.

"He left."

"Where?What are you doin?"

"Clearing out some files."


"I have to go"I said

"We have to upper hand.If you leave he'll know that you know about him"


"After being Alpha for so long,he can smell suspicion."


"When I was young I was born in Rain Falls .Along with Fredrick and Cedric.We grew up as bestfriends,and one day Cedric made a promise to us that he wanted his happiness to be our happiness.we were practically brothers,so he promised to give us our own pack when he became of age to claim his alpha linage.At thirteen we didn't believe his stories.Cedric was always a dreamer.Head in the clouds and when he meet Katherine,it was like clockwork, everything was perfectly timed for them,oh how the fates adored them."

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