Chapter Thrity Four

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Chapter Thrity Four.


Standing beside Rick think of any way we could use this chance to escape.Suddenly we hear a gun shoot at the back of the line and everyone starts rushing down the hall and to the left.There are so many people,and I am shocked because there weren't as many people.Grabbing Rick I turn right rather than left.

"What are you doing?"

"Getting out"I said.Suddenly I see guards running toward us.I close my eyes tightly and try to stay focused,but suddenly they all start dropping,one by one.The last one whips out his knifes and threw them toward us.He drops ,and from behind him

I see her


I want to hold him,but i'm so Worried about our predicament.So I hook myself to him and a hold him as I walk

"Wake up for me"I tell him.He grumbled.He looks weak.

"Clifford hold on,or wake up."I yell.Walking over the bodies I see Rick's body.I nudge him and feel for his pulse.

"He alive"I tell no one in particular.There is a knife in his shoulder and one in Clifford's thigh.Lily hooks her arms under him

"I can take him out if here"She explains

"How?"I ask.I suddenly realise I never Asked Lily what her power was.I look at her for an answer but I fail to speak

"How else do you think it was so easy to runaway"She said.She was a runner,a fast one,maybe like Wilson

"Your a runner?"

"No"She says.She holds onto Rick tighter and suddenly. They are gone.The air around us is there just not the two if them

She's a teleporter,which is also like Wilson.I start walking again past the halls.Rock is okay.I need to find Wlison and Clifford

"Clifford,wake up"I tell him,he is drowsy but in no way still awake,I wish I could just kiss him and snap it out of him,but...but nothing.I grab onto his shirt and I press my lips against his and pray to every religion that he is strong enough to make it out.For a while he is unresponsive but when he's more alert he kissed me with love,a love that makes me stronger


Her lips taste like honey,warm honey and it's sticky and I hold her tighter.

"Cliff we have to go"She says breaking the kiss.I want to say forget and just stay right here,but I know I can't.I hold onto her she is breathless and I can see from her eyes something's different.

"Fredrick's bad."I tell her,but I could see by her expression she already knows.

"Where's Wilson"She asks holding me up

"I dunno,Rick said he fought too much and he's gone"I told her.Then I saw her face drop


As Clifford tells me about Wilson I stare at the ground.I don't want to believe it and in fact this wouldn't be the first time that Wilson has cheated death.I look at Clifford

"I'm so sorry Hazel"He says.I don't correct him and tell him 'it's Eva' because it's not appropriate is rather get into a fight about it later when we're safe.Lily reappears and I look at her.

"Take Cliff"

"What?No I'm staying with you"

"I have to make sure about Wilson"I tell him.

"Let me stay."

"No Clifford."I hold his face.

"I'll be back I promise,I just can't leave him behind.He's my brother"I explain.

"No"He says.He begins to grow angry but silly is too fast and before I know it

He's gone again,but I know he's safe.


"Take me back"

"Alpha's orders"

"I'm your Alpha."I said.

"Well Thomas' is my actual Alpha,but whilst you were gone Eva's been Alpha"

"Who the hell is Eva?"I asked.


"How?"I ask


I tear through the herds of people and how they look at me with awe.I look for Wilson.I tear through each room until I see him.He is lying face down on the floor and I am breathless.He doesn't move.I rush to him on my knees

"Wake up"I tell him.I shake him.I can see his face is cut up and bruised.I feel for a pulse,but there's none.

"Come on please I'm begging you Wilson don't leave me"I began to cry and hold him close.He is limp and his face is pale.I stand up and bend down to pick him up,he's lighter from the first time I carried him,and I can see why.His body is sucked in and everything.I yell at the people in my way as I hold him up.

"Move"I yell.I see Lily as she appears and she gasps.She starts screaming and crying all at once,she rushes to Wilson

"Is he okay?"She asked.I hand her to him and I don't speak.Once she's gone I want to cry,but I don't

I want revenge.

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