Chapter Sixteen

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Chapter Sixteen

The anticipation was growing inside of me and I did not want this party to end,seriously.I knew he was going to come bursting through my door any minute so a sat down on my bed,thinking.

I heard a knock on the door

"Hello"I said.

"Are you decent?"Clifford asked.

Clifford the gentleman

He always surprised me.He was so different from the Alphas I knew and still he'd surprise me

"Yeah"he opened the door and closed it shut

"Gay.You're gay"He said his blue eyes widened with rage

"Are you mad?"I asked.

"Yes i'm fucking mad."

"I c-"

"I can't believe you didn't tell me.I understand that it's awkward beside I'm your mate but really."he said.

"It's a long story Clifford"I said.I stood up and he turned away looking to the leg t

"You need to change right now,because I can't stand to look at you"He said.Tears immediately spilled out my eye and my nose sniffled.

"You are too,breathtakingly fucking beautiful and I can't be mad at you when look like that."He said.I closed my eyes.

"Clifford I need to tell you something"

"Wha-"Interrupted him.Maybe this was the wrong timing but I didn't care,like Wilson said.the sooner the better

"I fell in love with Riley when I was young but I was the oldest sibling so I naturally would take the alpha title."

"When I told my father the truth and that i'd loved her,he beat me.He beat me so badly worse than all the other times combined.I was black and blue.Some days I couldn't wake up and somedays I wish I didn't."I stared at the walls prying my eye open

"I have scars,where he has stabbed me"I said.I touched the side of my face.

"This is when he stabbed a letter opener through my cheek."

"And I know you saw these tonight"I said turning around facing my back towards him.I had slashes up and down my back.

"I'm a runaway.I ran away from my pack and took refuge here."I said.Clifford's face was emotionless never flinching.

"When I lost my mom,he went crazy.He said I looked too much like her,and all he would do is beat me,and my brother Cris would turn away.I hated men"I cried.

"They never did a thing to care for me.They never worried.I was the omega at my pack and I was beat by every man as punishment." I wiped more tears from my eyes

"There was only Riley she was all I had,and she said we could leave,she said we could be together."

"I changed my name my ranking and left my bloodline.I didn't want to see his face ever again."I said my voice breaking

"I'm Alpha Daniel's daughter.I'm Evangeline Strong."I said.Clifford's eyes just widened and his mouth lightly parted.I was the girl everyone talked about the girl who went missing the girl her father killed,and he did kill her.Eva Strong is dead and I am Hazel Griffith.

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