Twenty Seven

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Chapter Twenty Seven



What type of testing?

He pressed his palm of the door and closed it shut.His hands fell to the door knob and it clicked as he locked it.He walked toward me and I stepped back.

"Testing"I said.He closed his eyes.

"I had hope you hadn't seen it"He sighed.He took a deep breath and gripped my hand.His hands were warm and hot and as they slipped from mine and to the envelope I felt ashamed,but more curious.He tossed the envelope of the desk and the pictures flew out.I cringed and wanted to curl within myself

"Why did you lie?"My voice came out eyes were overwhelmed by fire and all I could see was hell.His eyes infected me to tears.He went to reach for me,but I pulled back.

"Hazel...Let me explain"He said.I sat down in the chair my feet thudding to the floor.I couldn't look at him.

"Explain"My voice cracked.

"I did lie,it was about the time frame.I was gone longer than I told you,but you'd worry to much if you found out what really happen"He said.

Well I'm worried

My heart is poisoned

"When it says testing it..."I looked at him as he went to another shelf and grabbed a folder.he flipped through some papers and handed it to me

"Read it"

"The Pureblood pack is a pack formed of Purebloods ran by rouges.The Pureblood pack shows up every twenty or so years."I stared at the letters that could barely focus into vision.Suddenly water dropped onto the page.I wiped my face and continued

"Two years ago,Purebloods rounded up regular wolves and preformed testing on wolves."My voice gave out and I couldn't speak anymore.I read inside my head but nothing seemed important anymore.It went into facts about where testing took place and how they never got caught,only after Clifford was taken.Eventually my eyes scanned in front of a list

List of Captives.

Martin Summers (deceased)

Katherine Whitney (deceased)

Derek Cervantes (deceased)

Santiago Grimaldo (deceased)

Clifford Woods

Paula Woods (deceased)

Samuel Woods (deceased)

I flipped through the packet and I dropped them.

"...I thought they were just going to take me,but after they found out I wasn't Dylan they took my family"He said.


"They were seeing if Purebloods could transfuse their blood with regular wolves and see if it would work,but then it got wild"

"How wild"I asked.He took in a deep breath as if it were to e the last time he was going to breathe at all.I could tell that he wasn't nervous,he was terrified of his own words

Terrified of the truth

"They started cutting parts of their bodies and attaching it on us,but they always rejected.Our blood was incompatible.they were trying to make a pure blood run me down of Frankenstein."

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