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I appreciate all your love from you to me.I can't thank y'all enough for reading my story it means the world to me.This officially sets up the Big Bad Luna for the battle.I really hope you enjoyed this story and if you did there is a book order you can read them if you haven't

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Big Bad Luna

And the rest will slowly trickle in.I do have other ones in my works but they are most likely going to be deleted or rewrtitten any further news will be on this story and I wanted to thank all of you.This story wouldn't be what is is without you guess.The road is tough ahead for out group of character but I thank you all so much if you stick around.The Big Bad Luna will also have Clifford and Eva (Hazel) and we will also continue on with their relationship as we move along the story.I love you all and I hope you enjoyed reading

Love Ehren Hooks

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