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(This Chapter contains spoilers from The Big Bad Alpha

Chapter Eight.

"Why do you continuously send kids in here?"Lily said as she cleaned Wilson's face up

"He said DC was better than Marvel"

"No No No.I said that i'd prefer to have Superman on my team rather than Batman"

"He's too invincible.I don't like things that are too infinite"I said

"Like space"Lily said.Wilson looked at me and knew what my response would be.I rattled within my own skin and shuddered

"Exactly like space"I said shaking off the though of space.I have an imagination,but not that Infinite.Space was too vast and unimaginable for me.

"Hazel I need you in here "I heard Clifford's voice as he walked through,he stared at Wilson for a moment and back to my somewhat still bloody fingers

"Come on"He motioned me to follow him and I did.We walked to his office in silence.Ever since Clifford returned two weeks ago he's been different.

Do you know in school where there was that really unattractive kid,and then after summer or over the course of time he is just like ZAP.Well it's kinda like that,but Clifford seemed gregarious and out there,and now he's distant and well distant.I feel it,i feel his discomfort and a little regret and I carry it around just as he does and I can only say it's because we're mates.Once we reached his office I remembered two weeks ago and I saw Dylan mate Audrey,no Aubrey

"Sit"He said.I stared at him and answered him.

"Being the omega basically you've been the slave of the pack,and because of that.You have to follow everyone's beck and call,within reasoning."He said.

"I know this Alpha Clifford"I said.He turned away and to the books.

"Well as a task you are going to allow me to escort you to the ball"He said.The Ball?

"What Ball?"I asked.

"When Alphas interchange between terms there is a Ball is part ways with the old Alpha and Say hello to the new one"

"It's a lot more sophisticated than it sounds."

"And you're commanding me?"I asked.He nodded.I remember when I was going to have a ball,its called The Promenade though.

"To go"I sighed

"With you"I finished.I think right now would be the right time to tell him.

"Clifford I would love to bu-"

"You don't have a choice,really"He said with a small smile tugging at his lips


I haven't seen him smile in what feels like forever,and I don't know what it is,but I want to see him smile again,and that makes me say

"Okay"I said standing up.He looked at me in a confused state. his eyes squinted and his eyebrows furrowed.Crazy as it sounds,i'd do anything to see him happy.

"What's wrong"I chuckled.His facial expression ceased and he was back to being serious.

"You're not fighting.You know yelling kicking ,and screaming about every little thing that you don't agree with."

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