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Chapter Ten

Deciding to be his friend was a big deal,and still I have yet to tell him,but I can't.Lately he has been drowning himself in loads of work and I'm lucky if I can get to him once a week.The Ball is slowly approaching and Lily wants to take me shopping,but honestly it's too early.

"Clifford"I called.I finally had managed to catch him in,but it was in a phone call

"Haze"He called.

"I need to tell you something"

"Is it important"

"Kinda"I said.

"Then tell me tonight.I'll make sure schedules clear"


"Are you okay?"He asked.

"Yeah"I answered

"You don't sound okay"

"I feel weird that I have to call you instead of walking into your office."

"I'm busy Haze.I'll talk to you tonight,promise"He said.

"Okay"I said.

I hung up the phone and headed into the kitchen.I going to tell him the truth about me.Hey I'm gay ,and I'd rather be your friend than your Luna.It never sounded right and I was afraid of how he was going to react with anger,with sadness.I don't want to hurt his heart.I don't this fall pack to fall either,but I can't be with him for the sake of this pack.

"Hey"Samantha and Thomas greeted as I stepped Ito the kitchen

"Do you guys want something to eat?"I asked.They shook their heads

"I think Alpha Clifford is cute"Samantha said.

"He looked weird.He's too pale and his eyes are too blue"Thomas said,sounding very jealous

"I like blue eyes"She said.I could see Thomas lightly smirk because of his pale blue eyes.

"He could be like Alpha Daniel"

"Everyone knows that's just a rumor"

"It doesn't sound like it."

"Stop talking about that stuff"

"Talking about what?"Lily asked walking in

"Alpha Daniel,from the next pack over"

"The one that beat his daughter"

"Yeah,Thomas think Clifford will be the same"

"I doubt that"

"There just rumors"I said.

"Are they really?Some rumors said that he killed her,and fed her to rouges"Lily said.

"I heard she ran away"Thomas said

"I heard that they were rumors,old wives tales.I don't think an Alpha could abuse their daughter,Thats messed up"

"True"Thomas said

Emotions seem to be more worst enemy,so I have decided not to feel emotions.I still had the box and I needed to open it,but I am still so very afraid.Not of the box but still.My mind was out of place and to open the box now would disturb all those emotions.I crawled into bed and closed my eyes to sleep

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