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Life of a Rouge  by Twinkie2323
Life of a Rouge by Twinkie
Evie a 19 year old lone rouge she-wolf is content with her life. She moves from place to place teasing the packs, people and rouges. The last thing she wants is a mate b...
Book 1: Alpha Altaïr by FadedHonor
Book 1: Alpha Altaïrby Faded
Alpha Altaïr Miller is a broken man, and like most of us, he put on a tough exterior to hide that fact from others. He's cruel, harsh, hot-headed, demanding, and worst o...
Book 2: Alpha Kaden by FadedHonor
Book 2: Alpha Kadenby Faded
Kaden is the alpha of the Fear pack.Some say he's the scariest alpha ever. rumors spread saying that he kills women's children right in front of them or that if you cros...
Learning to be the Luna (Completed) by candles24
Learning to be the Luna (Completed)by Alexa Rose
"Shall we continue where we were earlier?" Blake asks. He kisses down my neck and I moan in pure bliss. "I have a little preposition for you" Blake w...
My Broken Queen by leahiscrazy999
My Broken Queenby Leahiscrazy999
Jaxson King is the King of all Alphas and is looking for his mate. Carolina the worthless Omegel doesn't even think she is worthy of have a mate. Carolina never got to...
Werewolf Academy by ToxicRoses
Werewolf Academyby Her Royal Majesty, Queen Nute...
I couldn't stop my eyes as they wandered around his body, looking at each and every curve and line. Though what caught my interest was his wolf mark, one that every wolf...
The Alpha's Mistake  by yoitsmadeline
The Alpha's Mistake by madeline
"I'm not fucking gay!" Hunter growls out, his fists collide with a poor locker as pack members look with shock. I'm frozen in place as Hunter lashes out, my h...
The Alpha by Burge2k14
The Alphaby Burge2k14
Book #1 in the Soulmate Series 7 years ago, Ellie was rejected by her mate. Under the threat of death, she was forced to flee with her mate's child still growing inside...
My Best Friends Brother is my Mate (COMPLETED) by Elizabethbloodstorm
My Best Friends Brother is my E. Louise
Book 1 On a werewolfs sixteenth birthday, they finally are granted the senses to seek out their mate. Alyssa and Amy have been friends all their life. Alyssa, the eldest...
His Alpha  by WorldWriter_1
His Alpha by 𝚂𝚃𝙾𝚁𝙼
{COMPLETED} [BOYxBOY/Mpreg] Book 1 of 'His' Series: I was tired and the pain rose up again. "....tian, Seb....." voices kept on fading out. I tried to know wha...
My Protective Alpha Mate by CharlotteMichelle96
My Protective Alpha Mateby Charlotte Michelle
"Karma..." He muttered. I looked over at him as he smiled to himself. "Is a bitch. And so are you!" I joked. Aiden glanced up at me and glared before...
Peter Parker & The Avengers oneshots - 2 by StoriesFan102
Peter Parker & The Avengers StoriesFan102
Oneshots of Peter and his unescapable vortex of a family This is book No. 2 so head onto my account to find the first one if you wish. /// Also main ships with Peter wil...
MY HUMAN ( BXB )by Spalancey
Trevor Harrington is a normal human boy of 18yrs old with three brothers and a 10yrs old nephew living a not so normal lives because his two twin brothers are werewolves...
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My Second Chance Mate Is The Hybrid King by CarlisiaRobinson
My Second Chance Mate Is The Carlisia Robinson
Warning: Extremely Childish and not put together at ALL . If you want to continue reading, go ahead but I warned you! ❤️ "I , Alec Red , future beta of the Red Wood...
Breaking Wild Hearts [3] by glitter_xox
Breaking Wild Hearts [3]by Farrah [On Break]
[Previously known as Save Me Alpha. The original Alpha series can now be found on Inkitt.] Emily Rose Perry Gray. The lost daughter of Jaxon and Bethany, had woken up in...
My lost wolf by Semi9611
My lost wolfby
My name is Cassandra Baker but everyone calls me Cass or Cassie. When I was 12 years old I had an accident and from that moment I cant shift in to my werewolf form. Yeah...
The Wolf with the Crescent Moon by anyellyh
The Wolf with the Crescent Moonby Anyelly
"She's Fire and Ice. You'll fear the cold and crave the burn." Jm Storm --------------------------------------------- Cleo is strong. She has always known...
His Mate by thatawkwardchik
His Mateby Stephanie
(First story) Casey lives with her aunt and uncle after her mother found out a huge secret. Now Casey's mom is in prison and she is an out cast in school due to the effe...
Save me by lovely_Shae
Save meby shae
Madison James, seventeen year old werewolf, is miserable. Her father abuses her every day for stupid reasons like tripping over her own two feet, her mother left her wh...
Sentinel {Emmett Cullen} {Book 1} by irongrxyjoy
Sentinel {Emmett Cullen} {Book 1}by irongrxyjoy
Maverick Black, twin sister to Jacob Black. She's been through it all. Jacob's obsession for Bella, the human girl. Her love for Edward, the bloodsucker and all the deat...