Twenty Nine

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Chapter Twenty Nine.

I walked through the Forrest and once I reached the bordering area I hid.I saw two guards familiar to the same ones who took me

Including Max

I closed my fists and my eye shut tightly.I tighten my backpack on my back,which is empty.I remembered when Max and I were young and foolish,and how precocious we thought we were.

I stared around feeling nervous.Max was third command from my previous knowledge,he was exactly three years older than me,had a soft spot for art and loathed humans.We had our taste of forbidden fruit,living in a jaunt of forbidden romance.It ended as quickly as it stared and we never really knew why,but after I met Riley,i knew.

"You're strong,You are brave,You are proud."i said.I stepped out from the trees and slowly crossed the borders.I could feel power being rushed into me,being on my territory felt empowering and the land flooded all the energy into me as I did.The land knew I was next in the bloodline and it ached for my return,but I couldn't stay,

"Hey Maxine,Long time no see,huh."I teased.He and the other dude stuttered and turned around.I saw the scar on his neck that vertically lined the side of his neck.

"Hey,Eva"Max smiled.He strides towards me with a wicked smile

"Or what is it now,Holland...Hadley"

"Hazel"I said clearly,standing my ground

"That's adorable"He smiled.He walked up to me and punched my face.My face stood still,I stared at him

"Nice one,cougar"

Did I pull a nerve,apparently I did because his eyes faltered,using his old nickname as a weapon seemed to do me a great pleasure and although what we were long and gone,we weren't that pair of ex's that hate each other.I know punching me was rash,but I knew he didn't want to,I just knew

"What are you doing here?"He asked

"I came to talk..."

"To whom"

"My father"I said.The words burned my tongue as they singed from my lips.


"I need to talk to him?"I said.He gripped my face,squishing my jaws within his fingers.He looked me dead in the eye.With bruised cheeks I said "I am not your enemy"

"Let her pass"He said releasing my face.I walked away from both of them.Max looked at me for a spilt moment and then,he looked away.I turn my back away and look forward the visual of the house is vaguely shown due to the trees.The sun is at his zenith beating down on my hair.The house becomes more clear.

I am scared

This isn't going back to a place where my childhood was ruined and I was turned into the person I am today,sadly this was a place I once called home.Home was a place you felt safe,and I hated myself for naive I was,and how I thought that he best me to make me a better person,and that he wouldn't let the other pack members do things that I thought he would have.I was being best everyday,and I managed with a wide smile on my face

suddenly I can see it without one tree in my way

My knees are barely functioning and I could hear the door open before I see the visit focused on the your of all the people to walk outside it just had to be you.

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