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Chapter Nine.

"Hazel"I heard Clifford calling me from upstairs.I tightened my shoe laces and ignored him for the ten seconds.

"Hazel"He said again,now I heard his footsteps clinching down the steps.I stood up and stepped outside and looked at the sunset.I pulled my headphones out of my pocket and plugged into in my phone.I kneeled down on the floor,and counted down from three




"Get your ass back here"


I turned up the music and began to run my heart out.It has literally been too long since i've ran,being Omega and doing everyone's dirty work sucks.I've had to clean toilets cook seven meals a day and occasionally be someone's personal punching bag,and on top of that I have had to obey Clifford's every order.So I decided that if I didn't hear him,he couldn't tell me shit.

I was so lost in my thoughts I bumped into a tree and I went flying.I felt small sticks stab into me and I went tumbling on the floor,and I faded into darkness

"What are we going to do with her"

"Turn her into the Alpha"

"You know he'll kill her on sight"

"Well if we don't it's treason."

"Wake up"I felt a kick at my ribs and I opened my eyes.Two guys stood down looking at me

Sentinels.I hated these guys,the guardian on the borders are assholes.

"What's you're name"Ine asked.Once my vision focused I noticed his face


I stared down at the ground

"Hazel Griffith"

"Ranking and Territory"

"I'm from Alpha Clifford's region"

"What's you're ranking"

"Om-Luna"I said.I knew if they know I was Omega they would have killed me,and I wasn't really dressed like a warrior.

"Really"Max said.I nodded.

"Well you need to be cleaned up and taken to the Alpha,for confirmation"They said.

"I have to be back in a little while"

"We will have you clean up by then"

"Who is the Alpha of this region?"I asked.I prayed I god that Max switched packs or moved or anything and that I wasn't where I thought I was.

"Alpha Daniel"

My knees almost fell to the ground.They both grabbed my arms and I shook them off

"I can walk myself."I snapped.They let go and I looked forward hoping Max wouldn't recognise me.I had changed my hair was darker and I was tanner,and I hoped the dark sky helped me with it.

When we reached the house it looked the same but there was a thick black gate surrounding it.They gates opened and when I walked inside it smelled the same.Like dust and peppermint.

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