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Chapter 1

Hazel Griffith

My eyes slowly peaked open and all I saw was the window.I had recently moved into the Pack House,.I had started as an Omega but over the years I have made my way up all the way to the highest ranking, Delta and Warrior.Warriors,were just warriors they could next reach a second or third command,and it was very honourable,When My Alpha, Fredrick,Entrusted me with being third command.

I propped up and pushed myself up

"Babe what are you doing"a sleepy mumble silenced the room

"Don't worry"I said.I walked toward the window and opened the window.The warm morning breeze comforted my skin and I pined over the view.How long were we going to stay here,because a view like this can make us stay forever.I looked at the trees and from where I was,i could smell something really good.My stomach actually grumbled.As I propped my elbows on the ledge,I thought about were we were going.

"That's an awesome view"and with the familiar voice came her hands wrapping around my waist.I put my hands on hers and took them off momentarily as I turned toward her.

"I know"I said.I leaned toward her and gave her a kiss.She blushed immediately

"Don't flatter yourself,we all know"

"You blush easily"I finished.She smiled

"Get ready,Alpha Fredrick says he has important news"

"Important news?"I said crossing my arm

"Yes.So if you plan on staying where are you are,then get ready"She smiled

"Yes Ma'am"I said.I walked in behind her and thought how lucky I was. I walked in and put on my thermal leggings and a tank top.All warriors were giving thermal pants that withstood bullets, and was obviously thermal.I put on my leather jacket whilst I stared at her.She had the same thermal leggings but she wore a black tank top rather than the white one on me.She put on a hoodie over it and also pulled her hair back.As she put on her shoes she noticed me

"Hazel, can you not?"She asked.She looked at me and I smiled wide at her.She blushed almost instantly and I laughed

"You suck"She said standing up straight and looking at herself in the mirror.

"But you love me"I said holding her hips and spinning we towards me,I leaned in and she pulled back

"We have to go"She said pressing her finger against my lips

"We have to go"She repeated.I groaned and trudged to the door.

"Okay Riley"

"We have to talk later"She said very seriously,and last time I checked she was never serious.I was kinda scared,stuff usually goes down when your girlfriend says we need to talk

"What's wrong?"I asked

"Nothing. I'm just reminding myself by telling you"She said.

"Mkay,you ready"I said.She nodded heavily.Leaving our rooms were very tough for us,because in our society were aren't really accepted.We both went out and made our way to the Ad hoc meeting which was usually held in the alpha's office then we would go to the pack meeting and everything would be announced publicly.Since I was third command I was allowed to go but Riley couldn't,she was just a warrior.

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