Twenty Four

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Twenty Four.

I still laid there.The time was too short and scrunched together.As I tried to go to sleep again,I heard a knock

"Hazel"I heard Clifford's voice.I held the picture frame to my chest.I rolled into my blanket and didn't respond.Clifford opened the door and I heard him near me.I closed my eyes and he lifted the blanket.I opened my eyes and sat up and off my bed.

"Hey"I said trying to smile.My lips still quivered,tears glossing my eyes

"I need to explain some things to you before you leave"

"Where am I going?"I asked

"No where,just sit down."he said patting beside him.He wrapped his arms around me tightly

"I was worried sick about you."He said into my ear.It wasn't about me anymore.I didn't want the spotlight.I'm the whole reason my father came back to this pack and I am the reason Wilson is gone.

It doesn't feel like it.It feel like he is about to yell 'just kidding bitch' and then ask to spar.

"Okay"He said pulling me from the hug.He stared at me trying to find the right words to say.

"I called in a friend of a friend,and they decided to help us."

"With what?"

"Well.You know how we just returned from Rain Falls"


"I called in a friend to follow you to make sure if you got hurt,you'd be healed and brought back to me "He said.

"But after you reached the border they started heading back.I got word to them that we needed help with Wilson and they tried to come back into time."He said.

"My friend,oh god.He's a pureblood,and he has a special power."he said.Clifford took his hands and grabbed mine.

"He can bring people back from the dead"He said.My eyebrows scrunched in confusion.Why would he tell me this?Was he saying that Wilson can live?I shook my head slowly.

"But only after five minutes ,not a minute more,and they have to be dead."He explained.I stood up and stared to the door that picture frame in my hand.

"He's alive Hazel"He said.I dropped the picture frame


"Nick,my friend got here in time."

I don't know what to say.I stared at Clifford and was tempted to kiss him,thats how excited I was.

"And I wouldn't lie to you"He said.I ran out the door and into Wilson's room.

"Where is he?"I said,my lips refusing to form words.

"He's still recovering.Whatever they used is taking a lot longer the heal."


Meaning my fathers pack.

I was settled on letting him live and moon on,but he's broke the boundaries,and I want his head on a silver platter.

"He's in the infirmary."He said.I ran down the stairs with heart reining and my hands shaking out if control.I flew the door open

"Kiddo"His voice was weak and raspy.He tried to lean up but grabbed his stomach and then groaned again

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