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Chapter fifteen:

"Most chicks would be excited for this."Lily said slapping my arm.I rubbed it and scowled at her.

"I don't have much of a choice to even go.Clifford is commanding me to go with him"

"I think he likes you."

"He's my mate for Pete's sake"


"Shit"I cursed

"He's you mate"She gasped

"Shut up"I said through clenched through teeth.I gripped her arm tightly and she grabbed my hand.

"How long have you known?"

"Well I've known since Fredrick announced his resignation and he's known since he took the role as alpha"

"Why aren't producing pups then."

"You know why"I said.She said oh like she had forgotten .

"He's your mate.Do you not how realise how important that is."She said.

"I do,have rejected him no.I'm just trying to heal first."

"Well heal faster.He's not going to wait for long.He's going to be as possessive and crazy as all the others alphas.They always are,they might start off differently but the Alpha title changes them.It puts them at risk and makes them want to protect everyone and making sure he doesn't get hurt in the process."She said staring off.I could sense something there.She knew more than she was saying and I could feel something else there when she spoke.

"Lily?"I called.She snapped her head back to me


"Where's your daughter?"I asked.I'd never seen her.At the ceremony she said she wanted to save her,but from what

"With her father"She said.

"And where is he?"I asked.

"Far away"

"Stop with the vague speaking and just spit it out"

"She's with Alpha Thomas."

"Your mates with"

"An alpha."

"Why aren't you producing pups"I asked as we began walking through the mall.

"I did.He's just so...protective.I love him so much,but I can' can't live a life in fear of being afraid."

"So you left"

"I tried to take her,but he kept her safe..I want...I need to go back,but I'm not sure if he'll take me back."

"Did you reject him?"

"No,never.I want to to talk to him,but he is overbearing.He was new alpha too,just like Clifford.He had his own ways if doing things,and every alpha is different uncertain ways but they will always be possessive and protective.It happens overtime."She said.I could see tears forming in her eyes."I just want to save her"She said.I tackled at with a hug and she sobbed.Lily and I both were rouges and I realised I wasn't the only one Fredrick saved.He was-is-a good alpha,a good father to me.Much better than my own.

"Let's go get you a dress"I smiled.She cleaned up her face and we continued shopping for the party.The Seven leaders if the pack were suppose to be wearing nice close,like fancy fancy.That is best I can explain it,but basically they are suppose to look like they just got out of heaven.I on the other hand,since I am the omega am doomed to wear regular clothes,so that they stand out,but forget that.I'm not going to look my worst so everyone looks their best.Thats bunch of bull.Lily has this hot dress it's real and has a shit load of sequins.

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