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Chapter Twenty.

"Lily"I called I didn't get a response,as Clifford sat at the couch right across from me he stared at me,calling for help.He leaned forward resting his elbows on his knees and was staring at me.

"Lily"I called again.I looked back to Clifford who looked still very pissed.

"What are you looking at?"I asked


"Well can you stop"

"Am I bothering you"He asked.

"Yes,you are"

"Deal with it"He said.I stood up and made my way to the door.Clifford blocked my path so fast.He looked worried all of a sudden like if I walked out now he would cease to exist

"What's wrong?"I asked.He pressed palms together

"You're not leaving"He said.

"Yes I am"

"No."He said.He stared at me and his eyes darkened


"Don't you feel it?"He asked.My head scrunched into my neck making probably the most unattractive face in the world.He brought his hand up and poked my collarbone and I got chills.

"Do you understand what's going on?"He asked.No he poked my collarbone-the place where he was meant to mark me-my body wasn't a magical machine where you can poke me and I understand certain things

"No"I said.He got closer and our breathes mixed like one.I really don't want to be kissing him right now,or being hit on,but I can't help it.

He leaned closer to me.I bit my lip in order to prevent anything stupid coming out if my mouth.He brought my his hand and cupped my face.His thumb glided across my cheeks and to my lips his thumb flickered across my bottom lip and released my lips from my teeth.I can't fight and then make out,but I wanted to.

"You're in heat"He softly said.My eyes widened and he pulled back from my gaze.He pressed his back against the wall and stared at me; waiting for my turn to say something


"You are in heat.It may be that possessive side of me coming out right now,but I don't want you out until this heat ends"

"And when will it end"I asked,but I already knew.I just hoped it had changed,Clifford had changed so many rules and right now more than ever I hope he changed this one too

"The traditional way"He said.I sucked in a deep breath.

"Clifford I have to leave in the morning"

"Then you leave with me."

"I'm going to Rain Falls."I said.He looked at me and shook his head.

"I'm not going back"He said

"Than you can go home,but I am going to pay my respects"

"You didn't even know her"He said.

"So what.When my mom died so many people came to pay respects,people I didn't even know.Imagine if you lost me."

"I've never had you"He mumbled

"Clifford.How would you feel if I died,and no one came to say sorry for your loss,and I was left unmourned."I said.Seconds..minutes passed and he stared at me

"Okay"He said.

"We leave in the morning and we aren't staying there for the night"He said.I nodded. Clifford's fists were clenched by his side.I reached forward and grabbed each hand and slowly uncurled them.

"You've always had me"


Upon going to sleep.Clifford and I shared the same bed,and yes we went through the stay-on-your-side protocol.I walked outside to the car and retrieved my clothes but it was raining,in fact,it was pouring rain.I opened the door and held out my hand.It rains probably seven days a year back home,and when it does it's drizzle.I stepped out into the rain and it throbbed on my skin.The rain fell down like bullets and for some reason I liked it.I wanted to stay here like this forever

"Hazel"I heard Clifford's voice.I turned to him and he looked confused.I wanted to rip his shirt off.I walked to the car and reached for my bag,then I came running back into the house.

"I was getting my clothes"I said.He had a ghost of a smile on his face and I walked passed him holding in my deepest desires.God this heat is getting stronger.I can feel it.


I could breathe.My chest was being bruised by my throbbing heart.I turned around to face Clifford.The way his voice,his lips said my name,sent me wild.He looked at me like he wanted to know how I reacted to my name

"Does it feel different?"He asked.I close my eyes and nodded.

"I love Hazel,but Evangeline sounds better"He said.

"That's because you are drawn to my real name"

"I'm drawn to you"He said.

"Why do you like me?You don't know my favorite color"

"You're brave and outspoken,you swear like a sailor and make it look like a queen.You're strong and you have a vision,and you're favorite color is gold."he said without missing a heartbeat.He was right,my favorite color is gold.

I set up the blankets and pillows.Clifford was already in bed sleeping so I slipped through the covers and right beside him.His blonde hair was messy rather than the neat side part he had.He rolled over and I was faced with his back.A small grin curled up my lips at the freckles on his back.I stared down the contours of his back until I saw a tattoo.It was on the waist band and there were letters.I leaned over,trying to read them.I pull my hand up and try to look at the tattoo but then I notice something that makes me gasp.

Scars.The tattoo is covering various scars that surround his waist and are along the end of his back.Why would Clifford scars?

I press my back against the bed and stare at the ceiling.Was Clifford like me?Was he hurt too?The thought came unwelcome to my mind.Clifford was someone that was good and never had hardships.If Clifford's scars stood for something more serious I don't know how I would react.


So I have literally have had this chapter saved up since May 16th that is the day that I wrote this.Which is right now,but later on it will be published.Hazel or Evangeline,which one sounds better,I love hazel.When do you want to see Wilson again?Oh and Reading The big bad omega only spoils the ending for the Big bad Alpha. For you,but in Rain Falls it will not spoil anything in the big bad Luna.I am writing all of the big bad books at the same time so it's kinda difficult but bear with me,please



love,Ehren Hooks

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