Baby Steps

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Your friend Y/F/N was helping you practice slow dancing for next month, and you were so nervous that it was unbelievable. It was supposed to the happiest day of your life -- of any girl's life. But here you are -- nervous and scared.

"Y/N, just step where I step, okay?"

You try to step where their foot lays but you kept stepping on their feet by accident. You were wearing your heels so you can break them in and know how it feels to wear them as you danced, so it was really hurting your friend's feet.

"Wearing sandals was a bad idea. I'm sorry; I need a break to rub my toes." Your friend removes their hand from yours and from your hip. "We'll continue in ten minutes? Grab anything from the kitchen if you want. I just went grocery shopping so there's plenty to spare."

They walk away into another room. You sit on the ground and cry in frustration.

You want everything to be perfect, yet it wasn't. You weren't a dancer; you've never really danced with someone in a slow dance since you were six and danced with your uncle at his wedding.

Your friend comes back. Embarrassed, you wipe away the tears, but it was no use; they saw them falling from your chin.

"Y/N, what's wrong?" They ask.

"I can't do this. I want to, but I can't. It's too hard!" You take your heels off and sit there on the living room floor. You rub your sore feet from the constant practice to slow dance. "It's no use."

You hear the click of familiar sounding footwear, not the sandals your friend was wearing earlier. Then you heard his voice.

"Y/N, let me try. Maybe it'll be easier." You turn to see Shawn behind you with a soft look in his eyes as they stare down at you. He takes your hand and pulls you onto your feet. "Baby steps, okay?"

He puts one hand on your hip and another in your hand. He sways side to side, taking circular steps around your friend's living room. You kept stepping on his shoes with your bare feet, but Shawn reassures you 'it's okay'.

You lay your head against Shawn's chest, listening to his heartbeat as you say, "This is better. I feel more at ease. I promise I'll get it right for the wedding."

You can hear the delight in his voice. "Good because I can't wait to have our first dance as husband and wife in a month at our wedding. I love you."

"I love you too."

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