Costume Party

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Shawn had basically dragged you to this costume party, using the "I need a break from songwriting to spend time with my friends and my lovely girlfriend" card; he exaggerated the "lovely girlfriend" part, so you had fallen to his wishes.

As Shawn was drinking with friends to celebrate the success of his latest tour, you were drinking some coca-cola since you were the designated driver. You didn't really drink often, anyways, so you didn't mind.

Shawn was dressed as Alexander Hamilton since you made him listen to the soundtrack of Lin Manuel Miranda's Hamilton soundtrack, and you were dressed up as Elizabeth Hamilton.

Maybe even one day, you'll have little Hamiltons to run around your apartment.

After three more shots and a beer or two, Shawn was singing Karaoke and, of course, it was a John Mayer song. Not surprised by the song choice and in love with your boyfriend's voice and talent, you sway your hips as you chug half a cup of Coca-Cola.

Your lips curl into a wide smile as you watch him rock that stage.

As the song ends, the crowd shouts and whistles.

"You go, babe," you holler. You chuckle and walk into the kitchen to pour some more coke before heading home.

Shawn comes strolling in, stumbling. You roll your eyes and say, "Okay, I think I need to take you home, Shawn."

Aspirated, he says, "Oh- oh no! I'm s-sorry. I have a girlfriend that I love. She's my ride home. Thank you though." He sticks his hand in the chip bowl and munches down.

You bellow out a laugh. "Babe, it's me, Y/N. I'm your ride home, dork."

"Oh!" He squints his eyes and cups his hands around your face as he smiles. "You're so beautiful, you know? I'm such a lucky guy. Hottest girl in the universe, Y/N." He kisses your forehead and intertwines his fingers in yours.

You two walk out of the kitchen into the main living room. Shawn shouts over the music, " Hey, you guys! Look at Y/N. Isn't she the most beautiful girl in the world? I love this girl so much. I'm going home with her! Oh, yeah!"

Your cheeks heat up as you exit the front door, leading Shawn into the crisp, cold, October air, and to the car.

You open the back door to Shawn's car and help him into the seat.

"Y/N? Can you help me buckle," Shawn asks as you were about to close the door.

"Of course, baby. Whatever you need."You grab the seat buckle and slip it around Shawn's very heavy and poofy costume and into the buckle. "There. All ready to go."

Shawn cups your face in his hands around your face once more and kisses you softly. You taste the hard liquor on his lips and the warmth of his hands on your cold face. After your lips separate, he rests his forehead against yours and whispers, "I'm so glad to have met you."

"Me too, Shawn." You close the door and get in the driver's seat, start the car, and start heading home. You check in your mirror to see Shawn fast asleep in the back seat. You giggle and continue driving.

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