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Sweater Weather // karlnap by reinanotfound
Sweater Weather // karlnapby reina :)
Karls viewers suggest a song for him to sing during a karaoke stream with sapnap. Not so bad, right? Well the song leads him to have a... weird dream. This dream makes h...
Karaoke Confessions // Adrienette by Hmmmlol2
Karaoke Confessions // Adrienetteby Hmmmlol2
Marinette, Alya, and Nino decide to spend the weekend at Adrien's house while his father is away on a business trip. They decide to play a fun game of karaoke... but wi...
Dangerous Love  by irissuave
Dangerous Love by Iris
Rose Montgomery, 18, is thrust into the dangerous life of gangs after she catches the eye of the most dangerous gang leader in Brooklyn, NY.
Demigods Karaoke with the Olympians by VRJCR0828
Demigods Karaoke with the Olympiansby VR
Pretty much the title... Enjoy!!! Pjo characters are not mine, probably (if I make any) the ones I made but who cares about my characters, it all belong to Rick Riorda...
Avengers Group Chat by Zatscards
Avengers Group Chatby ItsZatanna
Peter Parker creates an avengers group chat and nobody knows what is going on. Together they have a lot of fun, laughter, and happiness. (That's what you will feel if yo...
The Auction [Elejah] by Elejah88
The Auction [Elejah]by Elejah88
The Mystic Falls girls find themselves in New Orleans doing an event, they find themselves being auctioned off to some unexpected people. Will feature Elejah, Kennett an...
A Stranger In My Home by LilianeGrouse
A Stranger In My Homeby AJ
After years of spousal abuse, Julie Gibbons had given up hoping her husband would change his ways and resigned herself to her fate. Could the appearance of a stranger ch...
The singing crows (Haikyuu KageHina fan fiction) by R0b1nmae5
The singing crows (Haikyuu KageHin...by Robin
Kageyama and Hinata are both dealing with a lot of things, singing is their way of coping. One day Hinata is alone in the changing rooms and he sings to calm himself dow...
Karaoke Night at CHB by Solace1404
Karaoke Night at CHBby leave while you can
Knowing Apollo, he just had to waltze on into Camp Half-Blood and declare that camp have.......a singing competition!! DUN...DUN...DUNNNNN!!! Percy Jackson was freaking...
Karaoke: Demigod Style by leoluver12
Karaoke: Demigod Styleby Crystal Clearwater
Percy and the gang are going to a karaoke night. It's supposed to be fun....
Deku's Karaoke Night( Bakudeku)  by Miyahp330
Deku's Karaoke Night( Bakudeku) by Mistress Miyah
This is my FIRST bakudeku fanfic... this is my first EVER fanfic... so be nice please ❌SLOW UPDATES ❌
Beyond Enemy Lines by TheBookish17
Beyond Enemy Linesby TheBookish17
IN WHICH: -Seraphina Elora Fielding unknowingly and unwillingly starts falling for a guy her brothers hate more passionately than they hate calling football soccer. ...
Demigods singing  {PjO/HoO fanfic} by kitty_unicorn_15
Demigods singing {PjO/HoO fanfic}by Hello! I’m kitty!
A couple of months passed since the great war with Gaea and the demigods of New Rome and Camp Half-Blood have gotten along. They visit and have fun like any (relatively)...
Steve Rogers x Reader One-shots by avengerofyourheart
Steve Rogers x Reader One-shotsby avengerofyourheart
Reader inserts with the good Captain, Steve Rogers. Fluff mostly and bit of angst.
karaoke night at Camp Half-blood  by VersetheUniverse
karaoke night at Camp Half-blood by Lovelythecrow
Apollo has a stupid but great idea, the idea of creating a karaoke night at Camp Half-blood! Listen to the demi-gods of Camp Half-blood sing their songs in hope to win...
One Direction Lyrics by 5sosninjas
One Direction Lyricsby ❀
Someone Like You by karamelwood4ever
Someone Like Youby Melissa Danvers
Melissa and Chris have been dating for about two years. They were happy and in love. Until disaster struck. And unexpected innocent put Melissa in a Coma for four years...
Secretly Famous by malin87
Secretly Famousby Malin
Darlene is a world famous singer, loved and adored by her fans and she loves the popstar life. She is used to hold concerts in front of thousands of people on world tour...
You're My Sunshine ~Book 2 (Fairy Tail) {ON HIATUS} by cuteziesforever
You're My Sunshine ~Book 2 (Fairy...by ~♡Luna♡~
TEMPORARY HIATUS (till exams are done) Second Book from the- "You Are Mine" series All of the guilds that have competed in the GMGs in year are now going on a...
Karaoke Night (Niall Horan AU) by niallsdirection6595
Karaoke Night (Niall Horan AU)by Anita
Karaoke with the girls! What more could you ask for? Stacy Lovett goes out with her friends one night to celebrate her friend's birthday. Little does she know she'll be...