Luckiest Person in the World

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Y/D/N = your daughter's name

Y/S/N = your son's name


"Mommy, Y/S/N keeps stealing eggs from my basket," complains your daughter, Y/D/N. She pouts and stomps her newly bought dress shoes in the wet grass. Her eyebrows furrowed over her large, round amber eyes.

Your husband, Shawn, squats down to her eye level, smiling as a method of comfort. He fixes Y/D/N's curls, beautiful curls that were passed down from your husband, and calmly explains to her that Y/S/N doesn't know better; that he's only two and a half. "You also gotta be the bigger sister, but I'll tell him to give you the eggs back. Okay? Also be on the lookout for the Golden Egg. No one has found it yet. Grandpa Y/L/N said he put five dollars in there!" Shawn takes a hold of your daughter's hand and leads her over to Y/S/N who was accompanied by your father-in-law, Manuel, picking up a blue, plastic egg underneath the apple tree.

You watch as Shawn picks up Y/S/N and talk to him calmly with a smile. He then proceeds to take two plastic eggs full of candy from Y/S/N and into Y/D/N's basket.

You expected Y/S/N to cry and cause a scene, but surprisingly, he laughs and runs off to grab more eggs. Manuel tries to keep up with the toddler to ensure he won't get into any trouble or fall on his face as he runs.

Shawn returns to you, smiling. "Problem solved," he says, wrapping his strong arms around you and resting his head on top of yours. "I also gave Y/D/N a clue so she'll find it before Y/S/N and his cousins."

"What did you tell her?" You trace an outline of a heart on Shawn's arm.

"Nothing really, but to look up at the sky." You can imagine Shawn smiling at the exact moment -- large and wide. It brought you a case of the giggles.

"You basically gave her exactly where the egg is! Of course, she's Daddy's little girl," you chuckle. Shawn kisses your cheek and wanders off to help give Y/S/N a fighting chance against the rest of the kids.

"Mommy! I found it! It's in the light," Y/D/N shouts. She hops on one foot to try to reach it. Karen helps your daughter reach the Golden Egg hidden in the outside lamp connected to the exterior wall. The other kids groan. Y/D/N cheers as she jumps out and down in excitement. "Yes!"

You clap your hands. "Good job, baby. Save that in your piggy bank when we get home." You holler at her.

Shawn picks up the little girl and sets her on his shoulders.

You smile and realize you're the luckiest person in the world.


Sorry, it's so short! I hope you still like it.

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