Coffee, I suppose?

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The cold wind howled outside the local coffee shop, and you sipped on your tasty hot drink. You were working on some work for a class as you spent time here in Los Angeles. Your family had brought you to explore here, and you didn't mind. Los Angeles was a beautiful city, you thought. You just needed a break from exploring and do some work.

As you work on your laptop, you hear the howling of the wind get louder as someone enters the little shop.

You glance up to meet beautiful caramel eyes with long, brown curls falling in front of them. Your heart fluttered, and you quickly turn back to your computer.

The guy was wearing a jean jacket with white fur peeking out from the inside. You also see a swallow tattoo on his right hand as he hands the cashier his credit card from his wallet.

"Oh, c'mon Y/N, you're not here to check out hot guys. You're here to do work," you whisper to yourself. You type away desperately about the book assigned for class, writing about analogies in it and the complex plot. You also write about the protagonist being the antagonist as well, and so forth.

You hear the clicking of boots coming closer to you, to look up and only meet, once again, the steaming hot guy's caramel eyes.

"May I sit with you," he asks.

Starstruck, you mumble incomprehensible words that somewhat make up for an answer as you try to say sure.

"Are you okay," his tone was soft despite his husky voice. "I can sit somewhere else-"

"No!" You interject. "I mean - yes, you can sit here - with me." You force a smile and kick the chair open with your long legs.

The guy smiles and slowly places himself on the chair. "I'm Shawn."

"I'm Y/N. Nice to meet you, Shawn." You don't know what to do so you whistle a tune and awkwardly stare into his eyes. "What brings you here?"

He chuckles. "Coffee, I suppose?" He lifts up his drink and takes a sip.

You mentally punch your stupid brain. "Right..."

"What about you, hun? Anything exciting happening on your laptop?" Shawn smirks before taking a sip of his coffee.

You roll your eyes. "Exciting? I say it's a disaster. It's a book report for one of my classes. It's the complete opposite, 'Hun'." You take a sip of your drink, mimicking Shawn.

Shawn takes out his phone, types away, and tries to secretly take a picture of you, but to his luck, the flash was on. It didn't bother or phase him. He didn't try to make it smooth. He hands you his iPhone, and says, "Punch in your number, Y/N." Confused but willingly, you did. "Well, I have to get back to the studio, but I'll call you. It was a lovely first date, Y/N."

Embarrassed, you holler at him as he walks away. "Oh, this wasn't a date! It was -"

"Don't act like you were checking me out at the cash register, hun. I felt your eyes on me the whole time."

You sink into your seat and cup your hands in front of your face. "Oh, my god." You smile so wide. "Oh, my god!"


Ah! Was Shawn too confident? I'm sorry! LOL! I know, he's probably a sweetheart. I know he's a sweetheart! I just never met him... oh well. I hope you liked it. What's your to-go coffee or tea drink? I like my coffee anything mocha.

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