Sweet Dreams

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You wake up to the heartbeat of your boyfriend as you laid upon his bare chest. His heartbeat was at a resting beat pace as he was fast asleep, his curls smashed into the pillow.

You smile as you recall your dream that you want to share to your loving Shawn.

You kiss all down his sharp jawline, softly tracing your fingertips up from his toned stomach to his collarbone. You hear Shawn take a sharp breath in then exhales as his eyes flutter open. His beautiful brown eyes look down at you, and a large smile widens across his face.

"Yes, Beautiful," he says in his tired, raspy voice. Your heart beats fast as you forget the words you were about to muster.

You remember and say, "I had a dream..."

"Like Martin Luther King Jr?"

You softly muster up a laugh. "No. I had a dream about us, silly." You pause as his eyebrows furrow.


You glide your fingertips down his chest and back up then twirling his faint curls. "We were married, had a couple kids with this big house, and we even had a dog named Cooper. He was a Beagle. So cute. But I know that's unlikely."

Shawn runs his finger through your hair, untangling it. "What do you mean it's unlikely? I love you, and I've wanted a family of my own with a big house. I plan on marrying you one day."

"No, I meant about the dog," you laugh.

In the moonlit night peeking through the apartment curtains, you manage to see Shawn roll his eyes and pretend he was sleeping -- snoring.

"Sweet dreams." You kiss his chapped lips, lay your head down on his chest, and drift off to sleep.

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