Like a Date?

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You and Shawn were walking along the beach in California. The clashing of the waves and the cool air just make you feel so welcomed. It was rhythmic -- so mesmerizing. Shawn, your best friend, walked beside you as he taps his fingers against his thigh. You can tell he was acting a bit odd today, but it didn't bother you. You assume he's under stress because he was working on his new album, and you knew how he got when he writes a song. He gets these crinkles in his forehead as he plays on his guitar because of his concentration and his lips are pursed together.

He would just jam to get the melody just right.

You stop in your path and pick up a sand dollar. Amazed, you call Shawn's attention.

"I never found one of these before! This is so cool!" You laugh as you wipe away the sand. "Awe, it's not broken at all. That's weird. It's all black?"

Shawn laughs and takes the Sand Dollar away from you. "It's because it's still alive, Y/N. I'll put him back." Shawn walks over closer to the waves and sets the sea burrowing urchin back into its home. "Don't want you to kill an innocent sea creature, you evil monster!"

You roll your eyes and playfully hit Shawn with your sandals. "I didn't know!"

You actually take a step back to look at Shawn. He was dressed in swim trunks, no shirt, and flip-flops which you hardly see. Well, he actually was carrying them in his large hands since the calm waves would roll up to your ankles.

Shawn caught you staring, took your hand, and pulled you towards him.

"See something you like, Y/N?" Shawn smirks.

He always does that -- playfully flirts. You didn't mind. You used to think of him like that back when you were high school and didn't really know Shawn well. He was the superstar out of reach until you finally met him on the streets, bombarded with fans.

You shot your shot, and after going to an M&G did Shawn actually recognized you. Since then, you two got close.

Now, you're that one girl every fan wishes they were.

"Yeah, sure. I see my best friend with sand in his hair." You run your hand through his curls to get the sand out. "Better."

Shawn nervously laughs and starts leading to the small, local shops of Venice. You walk beside him until you reach a spray paint artist in the process of making some art. You tug on Shawn's trunks to stop him since he was leaving you behind.

"Huh?" Shawn says, confused. He walks back behind you and places his chin on top of your head. "Do you want one?"

You laugh. "I don't know. I just think these are cool, you know."

The spray painter finishes the last touches of the art, scraping away some layers of paint and adding some white tips to some mountains, and it was one beautiful scenery. It was an elk standing by a waterfall surrounded by moss and rocks. A beautiful blend of nightfall and the moonlit rays with shooting stars. Overall, it was a beautiful piece.

"Wow," you whisper.

He then sprays a thing of fire over the entire thing to dry the paint and keep it in place.

Without asking you, Shawn asks how much for the painting. The man gives him a decent price, and they exchange money and painting.

"Since you were 'wowed' by it, I think you should have it, Y/N."

"Oh, Shawn, you shouldn't have. I was just admiring it-"

Shawn rolls his eyes. "Well, if I give this to you, and you want to make it up to me, you can just go - go on a date with me?" Now the confident best friend you knew was nervous and his comfortability with you was not visible. He was biting on his bottom lip and staring at you very concerned.

You didn't answer. You were just taken back by it. You dreamed of this moment in high school, but now it was finally here - and after years of being Shawn's best friend too.

"Or not! That's fine too. We can just grab a bite now and head back to my hotel."

You laugh. "Like a date?"

Shawn's entire face is flushed red. "Oh no! Like friends! I know the date part earlier seemed a little weird. I'm so sorry, Y/N. It's just I am in love - no not in love - I'm -"

"I would love to go on a 'date' with you Shawn."

Shawn's face lights up. "Then it's a date."

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