My Savior Shawn Mendes

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It was 2 a.m. and you couldn't sleep. You were scrolling through your photo gallery to find that one picture of you and Shawn from a week before. After scrolling for a few seconds past the pictures of you and your friends at the fall festival at your school, you had found it.

A large smile widens ear to ear as you remember that moment.

You had given Shawn a letter explaining how he had saved and changed your life for the better. You remember as your fingers touched his as he reached for it when you approached him -- the ecstasy feeling as your two hands touched. He had said 'thank you Honey', as he stuffed it in his back pocket -- a safe place so he won't lose it.

Your best friend, a fellow Mendes Army member, was pale white and shaking as she mumbles Shawn's name. You chuckle and apologize for her behavior. He says it's alright, and he offers to take a picture with the both of you. Your best friend and you take turns taking each other's pictures. The photos were perfect -- capturing the nervousness, joy, and beauty of the moment.

Tears stream down your face as you remember everything you've endured in the last year. You were giving up on life -- no hope, numb, and broken -- but that day, when Shawn released his self-titled album, you regained hopes, dreams, and joy. You didn't feel alone in the fight. You imagine that pain withering away as you listen to Shawn's songs -- so powerful and full of raw emotion. Strength, you recall, is what was discovered in yourself and Shawn.

Then you met your savior -- your hero.

You start to laugh quietly to yourself.

"Oh my gosh," you whisper, chuckling. "I'm so grateful." You wipe away the tears and close your phone.

"Thank you, Shawn," you whisper as you drift off to sleep.


You wake up and open your phone to see Twitter notifications. You open the app to see a follow and a DM, but you weren't fully awake yet. It was Shawn's profile picture, but you assume it was another false account as it has been for the last ten times or so.

You click on the profile to follow back, but it seems that you already followed. Then you notice the small blue circle with a check mark, and your heart stops. You jump out of your bed and freeze as your eyes skim through the tweets.

They were Shawn's tweets. It was Shawn's real account.

You click the message box to thank him for the follow and express your gratitude and love, but when the chat opened, you notice there already was a message.

It read: "Hey Honey, I finally read your letter, and may I add how brave and strong you are. Thank you for giving me your twitter account so I can properly thank you for this amazing story. Love you x"

"Oh, great lord!" You start sobbing. "Oh my god."

You hug your phone and continue to cry.

After all the troubles you've had in the past, it had finally paid off. Something good has finally happened. You never felt happier.

"Thank you, Universe."

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