Christmas Eve

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y/d/n = Your daughter's name

The night was a cold one in your city, and your family was getting ready for Christmas morning tomorrow. Y/D/N was helping you and Shawn put the finishing touches on the house since both your and Shawn's families were coming over. It had to be perfect.

"Mommy! Look, me and Daddy made snowflakes!" Y/D/N points her little finger up at the ceiling where your husband was hanging the snowflakes by attaching the snowflakes to thin, white ribbons then using pins to stick them to your ceiling.

You smile and pick up the five-year-old. Y/D/N wraps her tiny arms around your neck, and hugs you tight. You kiss her forehead and walk over to Shawn.

"Where did you get this idea," you ask Shawn.

After focusing on pinning the last paper snowflake by the staircase, Shawn looks down at you from the step stool, smiles, and says, "A fan tagged me in a picture of a hallway of snowflakes with a youtube link on how to make them. I thought I'd give it a try and make it a Christmas tradition."

Your husband has really been about making more holiday traditions lately: making homemade wreaths to hang on your door, Christmas movies for every day of the month starting on the first of December, and now snowflakes.

You place Y/D/N down and tell her to fix the tinsel on the Christmas tree since it was all falling off.

You walk over to Shawn, wrap your arms behind his neck, and kiss him on the chin since that's as high as you can reach on your tippy toes. "I love you, Mr. Mendes."

"I love you too, Mrs. Mendes."

"What about me," Y/D/N whines. Shawn picks her up and bounces her in his strong arms.

"Oh, me and Mommy won't ever forget about loving you, Princess." Shawn messes up your daughter's beautiful curly hair and then pulls you in by the buckle loop on your pants. It was a group hug, and you wanted to capture this exact moment with the two of you and your beautiful daughter. "Okay, Cupcake, it's 9 o'clock. Santa is on his way, and you best be off to bed before he gets here," Shawn chuckles and he carefully places Y/D/N on the ground.

Your daughter whines and drags her butt up the stairs, mumbling. "But I'm not tired!"

You and Shawn laugh in unison. "She gets it from you, you know?" Shawn teases.

You pout and lightly punch his muscular arms. It stung your hand a bit, but in your opinion, it was worth it.

"She gets it from the both of us," you clarify.

Shawn pulls you closer and whispers, "Maybe it's time to have a son. Shawn Junior?" He picks you up bridal style and heaves you over to the room as you muster up a laugh.

"Shawn!" You laugh. Shawn laughs with you every step of the way and kicks the door shut behind you two.


What would you name your daughter with Shawn? Personally I would want to call her Rose after one of my favorite characters in Doctor Who and after Shawn's song Roses since it's one of my favorites. - Kay

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