Midnight Snack

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* Mid/Late 2019*

You were out with Camila to some party. She promised that you'd have fun, and that 'he' wasn't going to be here. You knew she was lying, but you came after all. You had to; you loved Camila. She was the only thing you had left of him, and she was there for you when you two broke up. She brought painful memories with her, but she was still your best friend.

Camila took you by the hand and dragged you inside as we push by large sums of people -- other celebrities. You felt out of place. You were just an ordinary girl who dated someone who meant something out in the world. Everyone used to know you as his girl. And now - and now you're just his leftovers who crashed the party.

"Y/N, are you okay," Camila says a little loud to overpower the music. "Want anything to drink? Your usual - coca-cola?"

You nod.

"Okay. Wait here. I'll be back!" Camila lets go of your hand and maneuvers through the crowd of people. Then it was nothing after that. It was all loud music and people who you barely know.

You sit on the sofa. Who was this house, again? Post Malone's? Whoever it was, it was really nice.

You get a tap on the shoulder and see it's Niall. "Hey Y/N! I haven't seen you in months. How are you holding up since you know - the break-up?"

You do a shy smile. "As well as I can be, I guess?"

Niall gives you a tight hug, rubbing circles into your back. "I wish you the best. I'll see you around!" He flashes you a smile and leaves with a beer in his hand.

You wait for Camila to return with your drink. You were growing anxious. You didn't usually do big crowds. That was the downfall of you and your ex's relationship. Your anxiety had really screwed you over. As much as you wanted to go to his concerts, award shows, and just go anywhere with him, you couldn't stand being swarmed. Sure, he had anxiety, but he had his team members to help him. Plus, your anxiety was worse than his. He'd try to help calm your nerves, but it was no use. You had lost him -- all because of who you were and what you had.

"Here," Camila hands you your drink in a shiny, red, plastic cup. You took out your medication to calm your nerves and washed it down with some coca-cola. "You want to find somewhere a little more spacious?" Camila's eyes were full of worry, and a grim smile on her face.

You nod as a response.

Camila leads you out into the backyard where people were enjoying a bonfire on the patio by Post's grand pool. You and she sit down on some chairs surrounding the bonfire with some people you couldn't quite make out since their faces were dimly lit by the fire.

People were telling stories of their shows or fans. Camila joined in, talking about her newest album and how amazing her fans are. You just sit back and listen as you wait for your new medication to take effect.

"I'll be back. Imma refill my drink." Camila says. She stands up, fixes her red dress, and walks back into the house.

You were a little better, now. Not many people at the edge of the yard here. People were inside mainly to enjoy drinks and music. You can somewhat make out the words of a Post's song "Rockstar". There was another song playing, and you recognized the voice as it comes closer. It was a little tune that you fell asleep to.

"Crap," you whisper.

Shawn plops down in the seat Camila was in. He leans back in the seat and takes a swig of his drink. He looks around. His eyes meet yours, but he seems unphased by it; that was until he did a double take towards you.

"Y/N, oh hey I didn't see you there!" His tone was soft and a little edgy. "What brings you here?"

You look down at your cup. "Camila. Her album reached number 1 on Billboard's top 100. She wanted to come for some reason." You manage to say, but with every word spoken to him, your heart beats faster. Maybe this was a mistake.

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