Pumpkin Carving

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Y/N = Your Name


As Shawn was opening the packages of the pumpkin carving kits, you had laid the cut-up trash bags on your guys' dining room table to protect it from the guts of the pumpkins you were about to carve.

"Y/N, are you sure these cheap carving knives will work? They seem a little flimsy if you ask me," Shawn proclaimed.

You laugh as you make sure the trash bags covered the whole table. "I'm sure, Hun. I did this every year with my family back home." You peck Shawn on the cheek and rub his back. His cheek felt warm despite the house being so cold because the heater hasn't been turned on all day until a couple minutes ago.

Shawn and you transfer the pumpkins from the floor to the trash bag covered table. You look over at Shawn's pumpkin and see that his pumpkin was slightly smaller than yours, and it wasn't as round. You told him his pumpkin slightly reminded you of Frankenstein's head. He had just laughed.

"Well, yours is --" He stares at your pumpkin, trying to notice a flaw. "It's actually really nice and perfect." He pouts as he grabs a saw from the kit and dives right in without preparation.

You smile and grab a sharpie to start drawing the design of your pumpkin. "Perfect just like you," you giggle.

He stops and turns to you and flashes a smile. He pulls you in by tugging at your waist. "Am I now?" He asks.

You meet his beautiful brown eyes and your heart races. Despite being with Shawn for a little over a year, he still makes your heart beat a million beats a second. You smile widely as he leans in for a kiss.

Instead of kissing him, you take the opportunity to draw a large line from the top of his forehead to the tip of his chin with the Sharpie you had uncapped in your hand. Shawn opens his eyes, his mouth agape, and a puzzled and playful look in his eyes.

"Did you just--"

"Uh-huh," you interrupt. You wiggle loose from his grip and run away with the only sharpie in hand. "Try to catch me!" You yell from the opposing side of the living room, shaking your hips and dancing.

Shawn hops over the couch, and you let out a bloody scream. You two race around the house until finally before you open the front door, he grabs and pins you against it. He rips the Sharpie from your hands and drags it underneath your nose to draw one thin mustache as he tiredly but evilly chuckles.

You try fighting him, but your strength was nothing compared to his. You try to wiggle free, but the deed was done. You officially had a mustache on your face, and Shawn was triumphant. He lets go of your arm, but his body was still pressed against yours.

He smiles and says, "I love you, Y/N." He kisses you on your lips softly.

Defeated and tired, but happy, you reply, "I love you too, Muffin."

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