First Date

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After dining in a local, small-town diner in the south side of town, you and Shawn had agreed, the moment was too good to end so soon. Therefore, you kept the night going with a stargazing session with some of Kelly Clarkson's early hits from her Breakaway album playing in the background using the car aux cord and Spotify-- obviously, he had let you choose the songs. He was surely a gentleman.

Shawn was using his jacket as a blanket on the freshly watered grass in the empty field away from the light polluted city center. You were laying a good distance from the one and only Shawn Mendes. You were glad he had taken you out, but you were still intimidated by him since he was such a star with millions of fans. But now, you were at ease; you were right about him just being a goofy guy.

"Since You've Been Gone" by Kelly Clarkson was playing in the background and you whisper the words quietly to yourself. You turn to Shawn, and he starts singing it loud and proudly out for the wind and moon to hear.

You laugh as you watch Shawn shouts the lyrics on the top of his longs like he's memorized all the lyrics. You notice the crows feet by his eyes as they're shut and his nose wrinkle up as he hits the high notes.

You and he laughed as the song ends.

You feel his fingers intertwine with yours, and your heart nearly jumps out of your chest. Slowly breathing to calm yourself, you spark a conversation.

"You know, I always wanted to study the stars when I was about eight years old," you say. "Then I did an astronomy class in middle school and worked with real NASA equipment - at least that's what my eighth-grade teacher said- and we wrote a paper that was in a stack of others to be published about double stars. I fell more in love with it."

"Tell me about more." He says.

"What is there to tell?" You chuckle. "I mean, all I remember from those years was that there was a double star in one of the dippers, and we studied it."

Shawn glances over at you and smiles. His eyes meet yours, and chills and goosebumps travel down your arms and spine.

"I would love to have you teach me about the stars -- tell me the legends behind them all."

"Well, maybe before our next date, I'll do some research and tell you all these stories- if you tell me every story behind your songs. Agree?" You stick out your hand to Shawn, and Shawn takes it, shaking it up and down to seal the agreement.


You didn't dare to break contact, and neither did Shawn. Instead, he had pulled you closer until your lips were centimeters apart, and his large hands were on your cheeks. You didn't want to make the first attempt in fear he'd reject you, so you two were just in close proximity of each other. Shawn rubbed his thumb by your ear as he leaned in to press his slightly chapped lips against yours.

Then you woke up from that dream with a tingly sensation on your lips.

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