Happy Valentines Day

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You wake up to the sound of a fire alarm coming from downstairs, and your heart starts racing. You check beside you to see an empty bed, and your next instinct is to calmly put on pants as this has happened before. 

You drag yourself down the steps to the kitchen where Shawn was fanning the oven. 

"Shawn," you chuckle. "What special occasion is it this time that you need to burn the house down?"

Shawn turns to you, his face bright red. "I promise the instructions said to bake for an hour or something. I swear, its a faulty recipe. Not a faulty baker."

You chuckle as you turn the oven off and take the muffin tray out. 

"Ah, muffins this time. Last time it was eggs and pancakes being burnt. Or raw 'baked potatoes'."

"Well, to be fair, your steaks were pretty well done." Shawn kisses you. "Happy Valentine's day, Y/N."

"Well surprise to you cause for Valentine's Day I got us couple cooking classes. No more burnt foods." You run your fingers through his curls.

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