Use Somebody

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It was a private session to do Karaoke with Shawn, Zedd, and fans. You had the guts to do a cover of 'Use Somebody' after you heard Shawn's raw emotion in his cover of the song a while back. Shawn was dead center in the front row in the room as he chats with two younger girls who seem to maybe be 16.

You were scared but as the familiar music started playing, your nerves had vanished. You grip the microphone tightly and began to sing the words. They flowed so nicely and became one with the music.

"I've been roaming around. Always looking down at all I see. Painted faces, fill the places I can't reach."

Your voice had gotten Shawn's attention. His eyes met yours, but you quickly turn to Zedd who was always in awe of your voice. The nerves had resurfaced, but you kept singing anyway.

"You know that I could use somebody. You know that I could use somebody."

Shawn comes on stage with you, grabs the second microphone, and begins singing along with you.

His voice had soothed you as you almost forgot to sing the next lyric, but it was okay since Shawn had noticed you were a little late. He sang the next part.

Back and forth, you and Shawn had sung the words until it was simultaneously singing the words together.

You felt like you were in that scene of the first high school musical where Zac Efron and Vanessa Hudgens' characters instantly connected as they sang together.

Shawn was inches away from you, his eyes never leaving yours, and his hand on your right arm. You instantly get the chills.

The song ends and Shawn whispers to you. "What's your name again?"

"Y/N," you respond.

Shawn does his legendary smirk and turns to the crowd. "Give it up for Y/N! She was wonderful!"

The room of twenty to thirty girls claps and cheers for you and Shawn. Zedd grabs Shawn by the arm, whispering in his ear as their eyes never leave you.

Slightly uncomfortable, you step off stage to grab some water and snacks like a chocolate chip muffin -- not a surprise that it's here on the snack table as Shawn loves muffins. You pick at the top of the chocolate chip muffin then eat the bottom. You take a gulp of water as someone puts their hand on your shoulder causing you to nearly choke.

You turn to see Shawn on the end of that hand, an oddly happy and surprised expression on his face. "Sorry, did I scare you?"

You nervously laugh. "Just a tad."

There was an awkward silence for a minute as Shawn looks you up and down then finally looking into your eyes. "You were great, Y/N. I was actually blown away by your voice and power."

Blushing, you face down to the bottle in your hands. "Thanks. I never really sang in front of a crowd before -- just in the shower."

He does it again -- his hand on your arm. "Well, you did amazing!"

You look up at him. He's smiling so wide and there's a hunger in his eyes as if he's about to pounce on you that gets your heart beating fast.

"Thanks, Shawn." You smile as you start to walk away to interact with other girls, but Shawn grabs your hand. You turn to face him. "Yeah, Shawn?"

"Do you mind if we grab coffee after this?"

Your smile grows and the beating of your heart just slows down. Your breath is stuck in your throat. You finally exhale. "I would love that."

You see Zedd in the background fist pumping the air.


Are you guys as thrilled to have those singles from Shawn from last night?! Geez, I got the chills from listening to the spotify sessions of Lost in Japan! Obviously, I am in love with Shawn's cover of Use Somebody! Lol. Anyway, I love you guys! Almost 400 reads! Ahhhhhh!!!

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