Chapter 25 - Lizzie and Joels Wedding

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~Molly's POV~

When we were little, Lizzie and I would always talk about this day. We would talk about the beautiful bouquets of flowers and the table decorations. We would talk about our brides maids matching dresses, and how flowy our white gown would be. But today is Lizzie's day and I was excited share this moment with her.

Liam and I flew to London a week before the wedding, this way we could help Joel and Lizzie set up. As the week quickly passed by, the more excited Lizzie got.

Even when Lizzie first met Joel, I knew he would be a keeper, with his cute sweaters in winter, his reading glasses, and the way he was able to make Lizzie smile. And with the big day approaching quickly, everyone was ready.

~The Night Before, July 24th~

After all the guys had left for the bachelor party, all of Lizzie's close friends met up at Lizzie's house. Including Yammy, a bunch of our high school friends, and me.

Instead of leaving the house and going to a bar, or getting strippers ( O o O ), Lizzie just wanted to stay at home with her closest friends. All night we danced, sang terrible karaoke, and made sure that Lizzie had a great last night of "freedom". After we all cooled down we watched "The Office" (one of Lizzie's favorite shoes), and all fell asleep on the couch listening to Michael Scott, but really Jim and Pam.

~The Day Of (morning), July 25th~

"Are you ready?" I ask Lizzie as she stands in front of a mirror looking at her dress with many intricate designs.

"I mean why wouldn't I be?" She says simply. "I'm gonna marry the man of my dreams with you right beside me." She was right, I would be right next to her the whole wedding.

Adjusting the navy blue bridesmaid dress I tell her, "I love you. You know in a friend way."

"I love you too." She says, then mockingly, "You know in a friend way." She smiles remembering the memory.

(If you didn't get that you should go back to chapter 2)

~The Wedding, 12:56 pm~

"Let's go people! 4 minutes till the wedding." Says someone who is running the wedding. Seeing that Molly is with her father ready to walk down the isle, I join one of the groomsmen, who I'm pretty sure is Joel's half brother, and we prepare to walk up to the podium.

The music is cued and we start to walk down the isle. Seeing Liam in the crowed I give him a small wave. Then looking around the beautiful location Lizzie and Joel chose, I see the amazing stained glass church windows with many different colors, making the room slightly tinted rainbow just to the right extent.

Watching Lizzie walk up the isle and joining hands with Joel had my eyes watering. Seeing her grow up and now she's getting married is just the most amazing thing to me. And I am eternally grateful for her.

I don't know what I would do with out her.

~A month later~

"Hey Molly?" Liam questions walking in to my office.

"Yeah?" I ask turning around in my swivel chair.

"I'm gonna propose...." a pause, "that we go to Seattle for Pax this year."

"Oh my god Liam you have to stop doing this to me." I say slapping him lightly. In the past week he keeps teasing me about proposing. But if he really did ask for real, of course I would say yes.

"So Pax or not?" He asks.

"Is anyone else going?"

"Yea I'm pretty sure everyone's going to be there."

"Then yea of course I'll go." I say now excited. I haven't seen the non LA group in such a long time so I'm excited to see everyone. "But hey why do you keep teasing me about proposing?"

"I wonder..." He says smirking then leaving the room.

"Hey!" I yell pretending to be angry. Liam turns around slightly scared. "Go get on TeamSpeak I need a video for today." I say lighter.

Be a voice. Not an echo.


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