Chapter 23 - I promise

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~Molly's POV~

It's about 3 months after we moved to LA, and my parents weren't very thrilled about me moving at first. But these past few months have been so much fun. Tomorrow is also Liam and my 1 year anniversary. So he said he will plan the night, and I'm just told to dress up a little.


"Ahh Ms.Heyimbee." I say to her on team speak, "Are you ready to do a stream with me?"

"Only if it's on Twitch." She says skeptical.

"Of course. The only right place to stream is on Twitch." I say to make her happy.


We start the stream off on the avenue just messing around. Then eventually H joins us and gives us a tour of his theme park.

"Man now that H is here I feel like a third wheel." Bee says.

"Aww Bee. I love you!!"

"I love you toooooo!" She says back to me giggling. "Okay well on that note, I think I have to go to bed."

"Okay thanks for joining us for the stream." I tell her.

"Bye Bee." H tells her.

"Bye guys! Bye Stream!" She says before logging out of minecraft and team speak.

"Well now that it's just you and me." I say seductively.

"Woah, Woah, Molly. Your still streaming." Liam warns me.

"Yeah I know, just joking around. Lets play 1v1 bridge!"

"Sure!" H says.

After joining Hypixel we play a few rounds of bridge, and let me just say; I won most of them.

Soon I no longer want to play minecraft, so I convince Liam to come into my office, and I turn face cam on so people can see us.

"Okay guys feel free to ask questions in the chat, and we will gladly answer them."

"Coming from Sharker123," H starts, "they ask; how long have you guys been dating."

"Well, tomorrow is our one year anniversary!" I say excitedly.

"Really? I had no idea." H fakes.

"Oh shut up, people are going to think you're serious." I say shifting in my seat to get closer to him.

"Oh this is the most serious I've ever been." He says jokingly, leaning in closer to touch his nose to mine.

"Okay what ever you say." I say closing the gap and giving him a brief kiss. Pulling away I remember we are on camera and everyone can still see us, I blush at this realization and hide my head in Liam's chest.

"Aww guys you made her blush." Liam says to that chat as it erupts in to a stream of messages, mostly consisting of; OMG THEY KISSED, or YOU GUYS ARE SO CUTE. I also saw one saying; H GET DOWN ON THAT KNEE AND JUST PROPOSE TO HER ALREADY!!!

We answer more questions about how we met and other things relating to the channel, but soon the stream starts to wind down.

"We should watch a movie." I suggest to H, while still streaming.

"Sure. What movie should we watch?" He asked me.

"I don't know. I haven't seen the spider-man movie yet, how about that?"

"I haven't seen that one either."

"Okay! Perfect!" I say excited to watch the movie. "Anyways! Thanks everyone for watching the stream! Thank you to those of you who donated! And thanks Mr.HBomb94 for joining us for the majority of this stream! Bye everyone!"

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