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Too Shy> StrauberryJam (DISCONTINUED) by AllTimeLilly
Too Shy> StrauberryJam ( Lilly
In which a girl in Australia used to be too shy to be in her best friends YouTube videos.
Never Have I Ever - An HBomb94 Fanfic by xx2oexx
Never Have I Ever - An HBomb94 :D
Molly ends up stuck in a game of minecraft Never have I Ever with some new friends. Will one of them stick out more than the others? Started: November 4th 2017 Finished:...
HBomb94 x Reader by gamerfictioner
HBomb94 x Readerby gamerfictioner
You are an old viewer of Liam's. But you haven't been able to watch his videos for a while due to your new career as a youtuber. You have barely even heard of Liam's nam...
There's No Need For Shame by sir_taylorrr
There's No Need For Shameby Sir Taylor
A YouTuber from England and a YouTuber from Arizona love to play Minecraft with each other, but what happens when the British boy stays in Arizona with his secret crush...
Kiingtongs little secret(will x graser) by Egg_Queen
Kiingtongs little secret(will x EGG QUEEN
This is a story between two YouTubeers graser10 and kiingtong and they find out they love each other on a vacation with everyone on harmony hollow and I hope you enjoy it
Truth or Dare | Cube SMP a.u // discontinued by FiretruckingAwesome
Truth or Dare | Cube SMP a.u // Selma
❝You can fall asleep on my knees, and I'll hold your hand. Separate yourself from the darkness in this world, and slip into a peaceful land.❞ ➸WINNER OF CUBE FIC AWARDS...
HBomb94 x reader by Egg_Queen
HBomb94 x readerby EGG QUEEN
This is a story about you and liam(HBomb) you have a abusive relation ship with your boyfriend and you are trying to find away to get out of her relationship without get...
Cube SMP Quotes [COMPLETED AND CONTINUED IN #2] by oliveowl
Cube SMP Quotes [COMPLETED AND ollie thayer
A book of quotes by the Cube SMP, these are taken from their twitters, wiki and of course, videos. SEQUEL: Cube Quotes 2 continues the collection of quotes.
Without Him (An Hbomb94 x reader) by HollySwistak
Without Him (An Hbomb94 x reader)by Holly
You are 24 year old girl who recently moved to California to pursue her job as a YouTuber. You have around 500k subscribers and are friends with Shelby (Shubble) and Gra...
Cube SMP Quotes 2 by oliveowl
Cube SMP Quotes 2by ollie thayer
The second installment of my book Cube Quotes. These are taken from their twitters, wiki and of course, videos.
The Thief and The Prince (a WilLiam fan fiction) by HakunaMatataReads
The Thief and The Prince (a HakunaMatataReads
Hello I'm HakunaMatataReads and I am pretty new to the Wattpad community and I am basically letting you guys enter into my imagination full of Kiingtong and Hbomb94 ship...
Kidnapped: A WilLiam FanFiction by cookies4739
Kidnapped: A WilLiam FanFictionby cookies4739
Will has been broken ever since Liam has broke up with him. Will now didn't want anything to do with him. Liam has different thoughts. And he will do ANYTHING to get Wil...
light keeper // the deep end fanfiction by alilpeachy
light keeper // the deep end ┆bi and proud.┆
stranded. woken up in the middle of the ocean?! Those were the first thoughts Zachary Graser thought as he opened his eyes due to the shocking cold of the deep, deep wat...
~The Thing With Molly~ A HBomb94 FF ~Finished~ by Cutique
~The Thing With Molly~ A HBomb94 Cutique
'The thing with Molly is, that it's easy to love her but it's hard to stop'
Message Me {Tofuudiger AU} by Aluv_96776
Message Me {Tofuudiger AU}by Aluv_96776
Joe: A timid out of the closet gay 16 year old who is abused by his dad. Zack: An excitable 17 year old who talks mostly to his friends in a Minecraft group called The C...
Lost Brother (kiingtong/grapeapplesauce ff) by chelseabrooxe
Lost Brother (kiingtong/ chels
FINISHED- Brooke was born a twin but she doesn't know. What she does know is that things seem suspicious when she meets a new boy who has the same bracelet as her. With...
One of the Guys (CubeSMP Fanfiction)  by martha_corona
One of the Guys (CubeSMP Martha
Juliet/Julie AKA NerdGirlMC was your average gamer girl/Youtuber who may I add, has 300,000 subs , who acts like "one of the guys" as she calls it Plays video...
Meant to be?  by kiingxliam
Meant to be? by LIAM IS A BEAN
Kiingtong (will) has always been gay for HBomb (liam) but has never told him because he's scared of what liam and other people will think. Will Liam hate him for confess...
True Colors // HBomb94 FF by heyimjulia1
True Colors // HBomb94 FFby heyimjulia1
Sarah, a girl faking her happiness on youtube, to her family, to her only friend. She loves someone who's miles away, Minecraft worlds apart, but I promise, she will try...
HBomb's Little Sister • Kiingtong FF • [#Wattys 2017] by amandababik
HBomb's Little Sister • Amanda ♥️s Trap Boys
Liam (HBomb) is very protective of his little sister Delilah. It annoys her sometimes. What will he do when she meets a boy?