Chapter 10 - Group Bed wars! (that sounds a little wrong)

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~Molly's POV~

I wake up to the sounds of birds out side. Then I see that Liam and I are still in a cuddling mess on his couch, me with my head resting on his chest, and him with his arms wrapped around my waist, breathing softly. I realize I really need to go to the bathroom so I try to carefully get up trying not to wake Liam.

"Hey where are going?" He says trying to pull me back down to cuddle more.

"I really need to pee!" I tell him.

"Nooo don't leave me!" He says whining. Eventually I get away from his grasps and head to the bathroom. I accidentally drop the soap bottle on the ground making a loud thud.

"Are you ok." I hear a worried H from the other side of the door.

"Yea I'm fine." I say giggling at how concerned he was.

I step out of the bathroom, and quickly Liam envelopes me in a tight hug. "I need to go run to my apartment to get ready, but I'll be back." I say as I exit out the door. Soon I get to my room and grab some of the necessaries to put in my purse. I also change in to some comfortable clothes for the day and put on minimal makeup, after taking off the makeup from last night.

 I also change in to some comfortable clothes for the day and put on minimal makeup, after taking off the makeup from last night

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Soon I'm knocking on Liam's door. "It's open." I hear him say. I walk in and turn the corner just to be scared by Liam.

"Aaa!" I scream scared.

"Aww I'm sorry." He's says apologetic pulling me in to a hug.

"Hey if you were sorry you wouldn't have scared me in the first place." I snap at him pulling away from his hug pretending to be upset. He gives me a scared look.

"Noo, I really am sorry. Please don't be mad at me." I scowl at him. He looks hurt. Noooo I really just want to pull him in to a hug, he looks so upset. "Molly, please. Forgive me."

I look at him and frown. "Noooooo I can't do this anymore." I say sorry.

"You can't be in this relationship?" He asks confused and upset.

"No no no no. I was pretending to be mad. But I went too far, I'm sorry." I say kissing him. He happily kisses back, smiling in to the kiss. I smile back now with just our noses touching. He's only 5'8" but he still looks down happily at my 5'4" self.


I'm sitting on a stool while Liam is making grilled cheese for lunch for us. "I think I'm going to tell our friends I moved to Arizona." I say out the blue.

"yes. please." Liam says simply, walking over to me and pulling me in to a passionate kiss. I enjoy the kiss and then I remember our lunch.

"Your going to burn our sandwiches!" I say interrupting our kiss. He smirks walking back over to the stove to flip the burnt sandwich. "You get that one." I say referring to the grilled cheese.

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