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blue moon // cube smp group chat [✔] by pokeberry12
blue moon // cube smp group chat [ aŁ
robot boy created this group. ✕ {HIGHEST RANK: #1 on the #cubesmp What's Hot list}
  • groupchat
  • thecubesmp
  • xbayani
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Imagine: Cube SMP by gracieginger
Imagine: Cube SMPby Grace
  • strauberryjam
  • graser10
  • mrmitch361
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Kidnapped By Will?! | Kiingtong by cubeditor_
Kidnapped By Will?! | Kiingtongby reece x
In which fangirl Erica meets her YouTube heroes, for it all to go horribly wrong... ©Copyright 2014 xSkylar_
  • cubeficawards
  • grapeapplesauce
  • hbomb94
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Lost Brother (kiingtong/grapeapplesauce ff) by chelseabrooxe
Lost Brother (kiingtong/ chels
FINISHED- Brooke was born a twin but she doesn't know it yet. What she doesn't know is her mom put her twin up for adoption and she has know clue where her brother is. I...
  • cubesmp
  • fanfiction
  • strauberryjam
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Friends? ✦ CubeSMP FanFiction by tokithetabby
Friends? ✦ CubeSMP FanFictionby tokithetabby
Bella White, a 19 year old girl that encounters a YouTube group who call themselves "The Cube SMP" Who just happen to be Rebecca's, Bella's younger sister, ido...
  • thecampingrusher
  • minecraft
  • parkergames
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Gracy <A StacyPlays & Graser10 FanFic> by Youtube_KawaiiGirl
Gracy by Lena H.
Join Stacy And Graser as they Go an A adventure of a Life time! Who knew true love was in front of them the whole time??? #Gracy fans sure did! <3 Be sure to check ou...
  • youtube
  • dogcraft
  • stacyplays
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That One Season (Cube Boys x Reader) by _PopRocks_
That One Season (Cube Boys x Laurance
Have you ever wanted to be in a UHC with the cube members?!? No.. well you are gonna now, so if you read this you might as well know what. But no its not any kind of lam...
  • parkergames
  • viltrailreaity
  • thecampingrusher
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Never Have I Ever - An HBomb94 Fanfic by xx2oexx
Never Have I Ever - An HBomb94 :D
Molly ends up stuck in a game of minecraft Never have I Ever with some new friends. Will one of them stick out more than the others? Started: November 4th 2017 Finished:...
  • hbomb
  • shubble
  • parkergames
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The Art of Being Perfect One-Shot by MysteryMistress188
The Art of Being Perfect One-Shotby Skylar Anderson
The Art of Being Perfect by @Knightsrachel
  • eatingdisorder
  • leeadams
  • anorexia
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The Secrets by theexlipse
The Secretsby • Exlipse •
Some of the SkyMedia people are hiding stuff from each other... some even including Aphmau/Jess and Shelby(Shubble) Will these secrets pull them apart or pull them toget...
  • graser10
  • aphmau
  • kiingtong
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We've All Got a Secret (Cube Smp) by AllTimeLilly
We've All Got a Secret (Cube Smp)by Lilly
In which a girl holds a secret a guy wants to find out
  • tybzi
  • parkergames
  • grapeapplesauce
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Queen Shubble // Grubble by alilpeachy
Queen Shubble // Grubbleby ┆pan and proud.┆
In the land of Harmony Hollow, lives a beautiful queen called Shelby Grace, but her stage name is 'Shubble'. Shelby is not only charming, she is sweet, kind and is a bit...
  • shubble
  • mithzan
  • minecraft
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The Thief and The Prince (a WilLiam fan fiction) by HakunaMatataReads
The Thief and The Prince (a HakunaMatataReads
Hello I'm HakunaMatataReads and I am pretty new to the Wattpad community and I am basically letting you guys enter into my imagination full of Kiingtong and Hbomb94 ship...
  • 8bitdylan
  • parkergames
  • boyxboy
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ll Gracy ll Dreams Do Come True *books 1 & 2* *rewriting* by Winter_Plays
ll Gracy ll Dreams Do Come True * Winter
THIS BOOK CONTAINS TWO VERSIONS Story #1 description A youg girl dreams about Gracy suddenly the dream comes true. ~*~ "How did I know from a dream! Its spot on to...
  • wattys2018
  • duljuice
  • graser
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Ideal (a cube smp fanfiction) [COMPLETED] by oliveowl
Ideal (a cube smp fanfiction) [ ollie thayer
"Next one, the bean boozled! Will and I have already done this, but we still want to stream it, so here it is. Here is the first one! It is blue, meaning it is eith...
  • oliveowl1012
  • sugarpineseven
  • cubemembers
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All In Four Words by Winter_Plays
All In Four Wordsby Winter
What if a terrible accident happened to a close friend? Maybe even a crush? You may not like this book as its quite sad. This book is for all the dear Potatoflakes and...
  • stacyplays
  • gracy
  • graser
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One of the Guys (CubeSMP Fanfiction)  by martha_corona
One of the Guys (CubeSMP Martha
Juliet/Julie AKA NerdGirlMC was your average gamer girl/Youtuber who may I add, has 300,000 subs , who acts like "one of the guys" as she calls it Plays video...
  • huahwi
  • tofuugaming
  • strauberryjam
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Roommates (shubble x parker) by -good_vibes-
Roommates (shubble x parker)by KO
liam your best friend sets you up with a roommate that becomes the love of your life or so you thought...
  • pubble
  • crankgameplays
  • hbomb94
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Jefferson Lake one-shot by heretoreadyep
Jefferson Lake one-shotby Ross
Jefferson Lake one-shot 2015 Parkers Pov. Based on right after Rehab ends .
  • lake
  • parkeradams
  • oneshot
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Jefferson lake one shot contest by clairecollins33
Jefferson lake one shot contestby Claire Collins❤️❤️
  • emilywinston
  • oneshotcontest
  • jeffersonlake
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