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blue moon // cube smp group chat [✔] by pokeberry12
blue moon // cube smp group chat [ aŁ
robot boy created this group. ✕ {HIGHEST RANK: #1 on the #cubesmp What's Hot list}
Never Have I Ever - An HBomb94 Fanfic by xx2oexx
Never Have I Ever - An HBomb94 :D
Molly ends up stuck in a game of minecraft Never have I Ever with some new friends. Will one of them stick out more than the others? Started: November 4th 2017 Finished:...
Ideal (a cube smp fanfiction) [COMPLETED] by oliveowl
Ideal (a cube smp fanfiction) [ ollie thayer
"Next one, the bean boozled! Will and I have already done this, but we still want to stream it, so here it is. Here is the first one! It is blue, meaning it is eith...
Amnesia // Cube SMP // Book One by -indescribable
Amnesia // Cube SMP // Book Oneby Laura
"I wish that I could wake up with amnesia, and forget about your stupid little face." The First Book in the 'Amnesia' series. Two Category #CubeFanfictonAwards...
pretend ; graser10 by weirdograser
pretend ; graser10by weirdograser
what would you do if your best internet friend is secretly the guy you watch on youtube everyday? #1 on Graser10 tag: 06/09/2015
Friends? ✦ CubeSMP FanFiction by tokithetabby
Friends? ✦ CubeSMP FanFictionby tokithetabby
Bella White, a 19 year old girl that encounters a YouTube group who call themselves "The Cube SMP" Who just happen to be Rebecca's, Bella's younger sister, ido...
Too Shy> StrauberryJam (DISCONTINUED) by AllTimeLilly
Too Shy> StrauberryJam ( Lilly
In which a girl in Australia used to be too shy to be in her best friends YouTube videos.
+When She Came+/Heyimbee Fan Fiction/Book 1 by kenzoos
+When She Came+/Heyimbee Fan kenzoos
Nope +-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+- When he came, he kilt me. But When she came, she saved me. +-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+- He kilt me. Sh...
Cube Smp Smut by cubesmpswag
Cube Smp Smutby cubesmpswag
Warning: Sexual Content Ahead Mature Audiences Only <3 A book full of Cube Smp smut and imagines ;)
Cube SMP Smut by xxCube
Cube SMP Smutby xxCube
a collection of smut about cube smp
Unexpectedly Unpleasant || UHCBoys Gang AU by MorgantheHyper
Unexpectedly Unpleasant || ~▪︎Morgan▪︎~
--- Harvey met a new student, named Nestor. He was kind of a shy and innocent guy which made Harvey like being his friend from the start. Then his other group of friends...
Meant to be?  by kiingxliam
Meant to be? by LIAM IS A BEAN
Kiingtong (will) has always been gay for HBomb (liam) but has never told him because he's scared of what liam and other people will think. Will Liam hate him for confess...
I.R.L. (A MrMitch361 Story) by ClumsyBek
I.R.L. (A MrMitch361 Story)by B
"Hey guys it's me Apple! And welcome back to the Cube Smp! Now, as many of you know I can't go to Pax because it goes against my school schedule, but this summer I'...
Life with you || Graser10 by phandomkids
Life with you || Graser10by phandomkids
Alisha is ready for life on her own. She was able to afford a small house with the money she makes off of YouTube. So far life is great but her neighbour is extremely lo...
Wendy Darling (Kiingtong FF) by DaniMarkee2002
Wendy Darling (Kiingtong FF)by Danielle✌🏼
Zoey is a ordinary girl. She moves from Fort Wayne, Indiana to Devon, England. Zoey loves Minecraft, but has never had the guts to make a YouTube channel based on it due...
Nothing Even Matters  by kiingxliam
Nothing Even Matters by LIAM IS A BEAN
Nothing even matters when i'm with you ----- Liam, i love you so much Will, I love you too, I wanna be with you forever
lucky ; hbomb94 by weirdograser
lucky ; hbomb94by weirdograser
where would she be without them, without him?
one ; graser10 by weirdograser
one ; graser10by weirdograser
one last. that's how much more chances he gets. and that's all he needs. [part two]
Four Hours // Graser10 by -cxbesmp
Four Hours // Graser10by ally :))
"-and finally, Graser with Harley!" You've got to be kidding me. I guarantee you Harley has the same reaction and me. I guarantee it. I bet this was all set up...
The Thief and The Prince (a WilLiam fan fiction) by HakunaMatataReads
The Thief and The Prince (a HakunaMatataReads
Hello I'm HakunaMatataReads and I am pretty new to the Wattpad community and I am basically letting you guys enter into my imagination full of Kiingtong and Hbomb94 ship...